Thursday, July 27, 2017

Welcome to the Opportunity of a Lifetime, Ladies!

A bit of an experiment for me, with a different POV .. "Now it's dark. Don't you fuckin' look at me!"

Please read the caption first as there be lots of spoilers ahead. This was originally posted in "Caption Experimental Theatre 3000" on the Haven where captions don't have to be for other people, and used for writing exercises or works that don't fit any particular category.

I know I didn't quite succeed, but I was trying to write a character that was jaded, obviously kinky and probably wealthy .. not quite as messed up as the people in the movie Blue Velvet, but in that vein, though much smoother. Just the color blue in the photo is what lead me to the movie Blue Velvet itself, although an article about the movie the day I made this probably jogged it loose.

For the subject matter, it would be hard to attach this to someone, so I went into it mostly to try to get my creative juices flowing again. I mean, most people would probably be offended if I said, "when I was thinking of the main character, I thought of YOU!" By limiting it to an endeavor of caption freedom, at least if you wanted to, you could imagine yourself swapping with one of the ladies that is tied up at that moment. I won't mind, and gave you a few different hair colors to work with!

Which I guess leads to the last point of why I didn't make it for anyone in particular, there aren't many people on the Haven (or even here on the blog) that look forward to changing gender .. it is usually a punishment or a mistake or a twist of fate. Even more so, if we WANT to become a female, we don't usually require our male selves to be perverse, sexually predatory and out for ourselves to get our jollies.

Have you seen any captions where a protagonist ties up a few hookers for an orgy with his friends, with the purpose of inhabiting the body of one of the prostitutes, so he can be ravished in bondage by his two friends AND the woman in his own body?

This is a power trip, even when he is in the body of one of the prostitutes. Unless he dies somehow, he will change back in the morning, or in a few hours, whatever. Honestly though, I am pretty sure that his friends do NOT know about this proclivity. I get the sense that THAT part is a piece of the puzzle that really turns him on .. as from the sounds of things, they've done this MANY times, and perhaps that is enough for them, but NOT for him. It could be boredom, or "been there, done that".

Feel free to comment on what I've posted or whatever the caption brought forth while you were reading it. I like stimulating conversation about captions and how they are created, so if you have thoughts or ponderings about my creative process, ask away.


  1. Allow me to show off mu literary smarty-panties for a moment....In Robert Burns poem "To A Louse" the famous line was written:
    "O wad some Power the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!"
    Wouldn't this cap be the ultimate case of seeing ourselves as others see us?
    Lying bound, being used and abused by your own body, under someone elses control of course, but still watching and experiencing your deepest desires as you are mercilessly taken by what would seem to be yourself!!!!
    If it was a matter of money....well....I would pay anything to experience that!!!
    Now let me slip my smarty-panties doesn't pay to be a smart ass around here....that only leads to a sore red ass!!!!
    By the way....I'd swap with the redhead in a heartbeat and she'd probably have to wrestle me into submission to get me to swap back!!!

    1. I think if I had to swap with one, it'd be the girl in the front as she seems to have the biggest rack.

  2. That's just a bit dark, but a fantastic twist on what you'd initially expect from the photo. I love the idea of a jaded, kinky man not just willingly putting himself into a sex worker's body, but doing it to be ravished by his own friends. Nice!

    1. Yeah, I tend to try to stay within the realm of PG-R usually with captions, but sometimes I can bring the heat and kink if need be.

  3. Well its not a caption that pushes my buttons. It would have had to gone wrong for our swapper ie getting stuck but of course i understand as an experiment to stretch your writing and push a different perspective for your own pleasure then it works well. And going outside the norm is a good way to find new seams to mine.

    1. Yeah, it was much harder to write a trapped story here when their are 3 women in the picture. I could have done something with it, but I did NOT want to write a standard caption that has probably been done 100 times before .. and perhaps better than what I could have done.

      Once I figure out that a caption isn't for a specific person, I can really stretch it out in whatever direction I think would be best, and I'm glad I let my muse take me where I needed to go.