Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dr. Mentia's Couples Therapy .. The Repost!

Perhaps you saw Belladonna's story based on this caption? Come inside and see the original post.

Well, maybe not quite "eye to eye" in this scenario, but "walking in the other's shoes" is almost guaranteed! Perhaps even, "great minds think alike!"

Created this one for Kelly (SP2000) and I hadn't made her a caption in quite some time. She has a very long list of preferences so when I make something for her, I kind of have to generalize and leave certain things to one's imagination, or at least the option of having something change back if she doesn't like it that much. In this caption, I am pretty specific in some of the trades and options that sharing entails.

In my head, I had a huge long possible storyline that I had to narrow down enough to fit in the one panel I had set up for it. Even then, a few things I had for it needed to be weeded out. I am hoping that as I mentioned in the original post:
Anyway, there was no way I could fully write out the entire story rolling around in my head, so I cut it down to a manageable caption, but I think therein lies the best part of this .. Its like a choose your own adventure. What else was traded and/or shared, and what did Kimiko decide at the end of the therapy sessions? Was Dr. Mentia in cahoots all along, or was this something the old Kevin would've done to fix things? Could this be something of a new scenario that Dee might revisit in other captions? 
Well, I'll let you answer those questions. I just hope you enjoy the caption!
Once again, this source picture gave SO MUCH to the story, and now its so much more than a Body Swap type story because it shows what my story idea was all about, and honestly what a relationship is all about. There is a certain give and take, and that is how Dr. Mentia's therapy plays out. I do wish to revisit this and perhaps make more captions based on this idea. I guess it depends on finding more pictures that can convey what the one I'm using her can as there can be so much swapped/shared between the couples, like employment, IQ, sexual fetishes, etc .. that just about any particular subculture of TG captions could be fulfilled.

UPDATE: If you haven't seen the story, head to Fictionmania and search out the author, Belladonna, and the story, "Couple's Therapy. It was posted on July 4th. Read all of Belladonna's stories, as she's one of the best at TG/CD stories, and she makes captions on Rachel's Haven as well under the name Sarine Davis .. hunt out her work there as well! This I believe is the 2nd or 3rd time she's written a story based off a caption I've made, so I am so proud that my captions can inspire such a prolific and creative writer!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What would you like to trade or share with your significant other like Kelly and Kimiko did above? Who would end up with the better deal? After cutting down what I had, was I still able to get the story across without too much vagaries? 


  1. I do wonder if Dr Mentia has loaded the deck?

    1. Who? Me? No!

      Well, maybe just a little push in the right direction.

      No matter how well balanced a couple is, there is always someone that has "hand" in the situation. Many times, couples have realms where their say goes. Other couples have the female lead (though I don't see that very often) and others where the guy gets the final say. If you flip that switch, all bets are off when it comes to self-assuredness.

  2. Trading and sharing with our SOs, eh?

    I'd like to share, as in the caption, gender and dress sense (obviously really) and trading heights and IQ would be nice. Maybe also trade our neurological statuses too - she'd get my ASD and I'd get her anxiety and minor OCD.


    1. Here is what you replied to the original blog post back in November 2014.

      "I really like this. Personality alteration seems to push all my buttons. So, yes, this caption does too.

      I think if my wife and I were to switch things like this I would like her to share my adventurous side (such as it is) and my energy (for want of a better term), one could also call that nervous energy. I'd like to share her manner with people, her ability to talk to people on their level, or at least the awareness that allows her to do so. Physically I'd like to trade heights and proportions. I'd end up with the better deal, in my opinion, but she does hate being short, so I don't know. :)"

    2. Ha!

      I thought I recognised it! Interesting that so little has changed beyond my ability to write in full sentences! I blame the working at this time of year.

      But yes, let me re-iterate then for the record: I really like this caption!