Thursday, June 29, 2017

Who Do You THINK You Are? See Your TRUE Self Image!

Try to See Your True Self Image .. And Make the Adjustments!

It is sure to give you a different sense of perception.

Wanted to try something a bit different, where the physical nature isn't changed right away, but how they each looked at themselves. From there, it's doing everything they can to make the reality and their minds' eye match, with a bit of metaphysical help I'm sure.

And swapping self-images just seems like a fun thing to write about. I can imagine the scene there in that kitchen, with the gorgeous girl stuffing her face with meat while he daintily stabs a fork into his salad. Maybe she, for the first time ever, lumbers into bed and takes him with a strap-on, or something perhaps grows there before then, and promptly falls asleep when she's is done, leaving him in a wet spot, until he remembers she left a vibrator there? The next morning, he's sleeping in a Tinkerbell night shirt while she's there in a pair of tighty-whiteys.

It'll all match up in the long run, but short term, it's a laugh riot!

Cannot WAIT until I am finished with work tomorrow and I can get the fuck away from everything for a long deserved vacation away from the apartment. Work at my first job was SUPPOSED to slow down a bit for the summer, but construction and other elements are making my job busier and more frustrating .. and there are a few issues between a friend and me that might come to a head soon, as I hate being deceived about ones intentions. The hotel has a small indoor pool AND a jacuzzi, and I think I am going to try to book a massage for both the GF and I so we can truly get some relaxation in while wandering around northern New England.

I've got at least one post planned between now and the Fourth of July, and maybe more depending on what I can do in the next 36 hours. Stay tuned.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: This caption is definitely up for discussion. What type of transfer / switch between members of the opposite sex would be the most fun to watch? I touched upon appetite here in the caption, and mentioned some others in the body of the post. What would be the most embarrassing one for you to have thrust upon you? I'd like to see some creative answers!

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  1. I kind of like the idea of a total surprise switch but I kind of waver between happy and unhappy endings for them.....I mean,,,,if I woke up tomorrow as a totally different person.....a girl....well that would make me happy in some ways and it would make me sad in others....
    Would anyone be willing to give up everything to live their dream?
    I don't know if I would....
    BTW I posted about a new visit to your office....I hope you don't mind...
    Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful holiday!!!!