Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's a Woman's Prerogative .. to Change Her Mind!

Apparently I've been misspelling that word for 20 or more years! Damn!

I thought that perogative was perfectly cromulent. In fact, it was even more covfefe than one would think. I mean Bobby Brown certainly doesn't sound like he's saying, "That's My PRE-rogative!"

Anyway, just a quick post that I am NOT going to get up before midnight on Saturday! Dammit! Oh well! Figured I would throw something up here and since I had forgotten to post this to Lacy's folder until about an hour ago, why not put it up at the same time here? Since this is the second Lacy caption in a row, which one do you like better .. and why?

On another note, I posted a caption a few years ago that Sarine Davis / Belladonna really liked, and she asked if at some point if she could turn it into a story. I said, "Sure!" and then like a year later, I get a message that it should be coming out soon. I would guess it'll be up on Fictionmania, and I'm not sure where else she posts, but I'll let you know when it is available to read. I'm looking forward to reading it as well, since unlike the last story she wrote based on one of my captions, THIS ISN'T an office story! Well, at least I don't THINK it is.  I never know where her inspiration takes her. It's why I don't want to do any other speculation .. I am not even going to tell you what caption it is based upon until she posts it somewhere for public consumption. It could go in lots of different directions, depending on how closely she follows the caption setup.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I would also like to know if the caption seems washed out color wise, or is it fairly balanced? How readable is it? I installed some updates for windows and somehow it RESET everything about my 4k TV monitor, so I had to try to redo everything as best I could, but now it is running as a HDR video detection. Not sure why but at least I can see my screen and it doesn't fade to 10 percent brightness energy save setting anymore. So anyway, let me know how this compares to previous captions from the last few weeks.

Adam West died on Saturday. Loved him as the 1960's live action Batman, and he was great on Family Guy as Mayor Adam West. He had a great sense of humor and could do drama as well. I remember this episode of Batman: The Animated Series and I'm hoping you'll be able to watch it here embedded somehow. It's a poignant episode, especially if you know how he career went in the 70's and 80's after being typecast as a campy batman who couldn't do anything else. RIP Adam West .. you did the cowl proud!


  1. The caption does seem a little bright to me, computers just seam to do what they want to do.
    They can't do that to us we created them!
    Is it also a woman's prerogative to change a mans mind?
    Just learned on your blog Adam West past away. There can not be a child that has not grown up loving the Batman series

  2. That is a tough question. I loved the birthday caption of being transformed and coming into a fortune so I could just stay at home and wear sexy lingerie every day. But, the temporary transformation is also a sexy thought and more in line of my cross dressing habit, but taken one stop further. With the chance to go back. But, with the sexy lingerie I was wearing, it would be a difficult decision. I guess I talked my self into this caption.

    Many thanks for both!!!


    1. I certainly understand the reasoning on both parts. I am glad you liked them both though and you still get to keep them both in your library of captions.