Saturday, June 3, 2017

Brent Drank Lots of Brake Fluid, Said He Could Stop Anytime He Wanted!

I saw this picture, and then thought about the title wordplay, and I was 'off to the races.'

Not sure if you "get" the title of the caption, Perhaps you might need to say it out loud once or twice. It is a bit of wordplay or punnery, the kind you'd slap the person executing it if they were in the same room as you. Ha! I am safe from your playful swatting!

Anyway, I am not sure what else there is to say about this. It's perfect for a Saturday night posting for those who didn't go out tonight or wanted something extra over the weekend.

I myself have been quite busy over the week, even though it doesn't feel like I've accomplished much. All the AC units are in, I've got some of the new bits of the closet assembled, half of the computer room has been cleaned. with the rest to be organized at some point in the future (ie. actual ziplock bags and labels for different cords, RAM chips, Graphics cards, old cables, power supplies, etc ..) and the living room has been tidied to the point of 2 full trash bags for the dumpster. Also got a bunch of things donated and moved to the Salvation Army. Still living in a bunch of upheaval, but I can sort of see what it will be like in a few months when everything is organized the way I want it.

The main thrust of how much I will keep and how much I purge will be based upon my mood. Right now, I've of the mind to throw about a few hundred VHS tapes, without even looking what is on them. I know that I SHOULD go through them all, and perhaps dump anything important or rare onto a DVD. but of course I don't have any of that hooked up right now due to space. So, to make space, I'd have to throw out stuff I want to keep until I have enough space to go through it! Vicious cycle!

OK. I think I've written enough stuff to justify a posting tonight, right?


  1. She started driving stick then she opened up. If I am lucky she well let be modify her rear exhaust box.
    There is a fine line between keeping useful stuff and hoarding. But we all know that the piece of wood you threw out after keeping it for five years would have been just perfect for fixing that shelf a week later.

  2. Good follow through on the pun set-up.