Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blog Exclusive: An Experiment in Gaming Theory .. 9 Girls and 1 Trap!

You would certainly like those odds, wouldn't you? Double or nothing that you end up with ...

balls slapping the back of your thighs!

I made this with no one in mind. I just liked the posture of the model, like she was hiding something underneath her dress, and my brain just sort of went with it. I blame Sally Bend of Bending the Bookshelf, as she always links to lots of Futa stories. I am not a huge fan of those sorts of things, but it's always good to expand your horizons as a writer and captioner.

I just liked the idea of someone thinking they knew exactly what they were doing, and finding that the deck could actually be stacked against them. The patter of the scientist could introduce doubt into the mind, with essentially no lies being told. Read 'em and be prepared to weep if you are wrong .. as you'll get it .. in the end! Or in the mouth, if you are good enough!

Then again, perhaps he was playing to lose!

Would the caption have upped its ante a bit if I made the stakes that if you chose the "ringer" then you had to become the next assistant? Since this is a blog exclusive, please feel free to comment below!


  1. I don't know Dee....this all looks like a win-win to me!!! Let's start with Dana....I believe that there's only one way to tell for sure....you start down there at those delightful little piggies and work your way up slowly....so slowly....till we get to those delightfully parted thighs....then moving up under that dress to find out if I have chosen correctly and really....no matter what I find there....I'm pretty sure I've chosen correctly....
    "balls slapping the back of your thighs!" You have a real gift with words Sweetie!
    As to your question....I like the idea that all choices have consequences. some are wonderful and in this case some are even better than that!!!

    1. Thanks! It was nice to do a caption where I didn't have to even acknowledge how a change occured, or to be honest, if there even was one. Just wanted to play around with psychology a bit.

      I've been reading a few books over the past week on game theory, and predictability and how random isn't really random when it comes to the human mind .. and it sort of leaked out into a caption!

  2. Oh, I like that - quite clever, but also subtle.

    1. I'm glad you thought so!

      I also didn't think anyone would want to receive it as a trade caption, so I'm really happy I have a blog where I can publish things that don't fit in with anyone's set, tried and true preferences.

  3. Brittany7

    A treasure hunt awaits!