Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sneaking Into the Mentia Academy Is Easy .. Getting Out is Much Harder!

Wasn't sure what to name it, but that title sounds enough like click bait to get people to read it!

Yeah, I must admit, I was at my most evil monologuing self here in this caption. But who doesn't want to explain how awesome their work is and how much fun it was to defeat a rival?

With this caption, we have attribute draining, which I don't do often enough, because (1) pictures can be hard to come by, and (2) you really have to explain it correctly, hence the evil monologuing.

Felicia is one of the most appreciative trading partners out there. I know I'm pretty good at this, but she makes me feel like Michelangelo when she comments like this in her reply:
You just continue to write my favorite caps ever! Needless to say that I LOVE the angle you've chosen here, but its the execution of it that makes it stand out. Finding myself in that scene, not able to escape the school while being physically slighted, too, pushes way too many buttons. You even managed to sneak in a final humiliation so gallantly by sending me all across campus, naked :D
My reply says so much too ..
Flattery gets you everywhere dear! Its no wonder that I enjoy capping you so much! I'm guessing you could tell how much evil fun I was having in making this one up. That ending was literally the last thing I did .. I was like, "hmm, anything else. Oh yeah, 15 demerits!" It seemed like something a pissed off Domme school marm or military school unit leader would do. 
Oh Licy .. the things I am going to continue to do to you here in the haven! Mmmm. LOL
And it is things like this that will keep someone in my mind when I'm ready to make a caption. Just looking at a picture can trigger a "I bet LICY would LOVE to look like that!" and I'm off to the races. Squeaky mice always get the cheese!

Speaking of .. Michael / Melissa and Keith / Kyra .. your gift captions have been posted this week and I haven't heard from you yet in the comments if you liked them, if they were what you expected them to be, and for my information, what makes you come visit my blog and why?

Feedback helps, even when it is some troll voting meh on a friggin' cheerleading caption! BTW, if you were interested in who the Amazon model is, Licy says it is Phoenix Marie. Look her up!


  1. I love it - great story, and the size contrast is quite erotic!

    1. Definitely. As mentioned above, it can be hard to do a caption like this.

      I understand the appeal too. A lot of my perceptions are based upon the build/stature of my body. If all of a sudden I'm 5'1". 115 pounds and mostly tits and ass .. the world around me is now very much different!

  2. Most evil. And at least you saved the monologue until after its all done. How many evil plans have been spoiled by explaining it all before hand.

    1. Yes. I believe that was taught in one of the graduate level evil scientist classes. Most of my colleagues must have forgotten to show up for that lesson.