Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Caption Giveaway #1 - Bathroom Mistakes!

For Keith aka Kyra. Most accidents DO happen in the bathroom at home!

This is the one caption out of them all that I probably debated about giving away the most. Many people do like pantyhose, and in this one, it seemed like it was disparaging the fetish, and why do that to someone that obviously loves it in their preferences. Well, as a giveaway it works well too, especially since it could be told that Kyra enjoys being a woman so much she might not want to change back. Insulting your witchy wife will certainly delay your time back as a man, though if you do that too long, she might find herself another husband and turn you into the family dog!

For those who requested one and haven't seen it yet, do not despair! I plan on dispatching them once or twice a week until they are gone. For those who went with the potpourri category, I am in the process of going through my files to find some more that I never completed or put a photo into a caption setting and then promptly forgot about it. I know there are some there. Trust me. The format of the post will be the same, with the "Caption Giveaway #" heading and the recipients name in the teaser tag before the 'read more' link through.

Because of that, I hope that each person that receives a caption through this giveaway will at least comment on the caption here, since it's a blog exclusive and won't be seen as a trade at the Haven. I think that is a fair enough conclusion to the offer, don't you?

And since I'm looking for people to comment .. any interest in the DIY Challenge going forward? I wasn't sure if its played itself out or not. I noticed that I was getting 2-3 submissions, while the Starz Caption Contests get 16-20? The results posts are also the lowest viewed posts by a factor of 2-3 times less than others, which means people aren't taking the time to look at what others have created. I had fulfilled my original goal of getting some people to start captioning for themselves. I'm all for anyone making arguments "for" or "against" keeping the DIY Challenge as the blog continues on.

So .. Hope you enjoy your caption Kyra!


  1. Brittany7

    Someone has created a bitchy monster!

  2. The wicthy wife is trying to teach him a lesson so she should not complain when she finds out she is not so perfect. Mind you i have never coordinated a room in my life, its a good day if i can find matching socks.
    I like the d i y maybe because you just have the one photo and sometimes a theme to incorporate it is more of a challenge. i am not sure why the page views would be down. of course i am bias buy the miss out on some great work.