Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"A Waterfall Is Concerned Only With Being Itself ..

.. not with doing something it considers waterfall-like." ~ Vernon Howard

Another caption made relatively fresh, as in it's been about 10 minutes since I completed it and posted it to Isabella Belmont's trading folder on the Haven.

I am really starting to think that taking a sabbatical was a good idea, for many reasons as detailed earlier, but also (along with the whole 'new' version of Photoshop issue) the newer stuff I've been writing seems just a bit more polished and I can view my writing as refreshed. I've been looking at the new creations, and then some of the stuff I made during that slog of February and March, and I am really hoping I can hold onto this feeling as long as I can.

As to this story line, I saw the source photo in Isabella's picture folder, and it said something to me. I ended up manipulating it a bit in Photoshop, and adding a bit of blue filter to haze it up a tad. I really enjoyed writing the plot, even though I wasn't sure how it was going to end until I got there. I had up until the "climate change" line written in my head .. then inspiration finally hit .. and I'm glad it did because it really tied things up into a nice neat bow.

Think I am also getting the hang of the "new" Photoshop. I've been doing quite a bit more text on picture work lately, as the pictures have enough space to let the text breathe and still tell the viewer what is going on. There are a few more like this one coming down the pike. Just something about this caption feels fresh to me, even though I've done the whole "tainted" water thing in the past.

And in other news, things went the way I was hoping, so thank you to anyone out there that said a prayer, or positive thoughts my way. I had a real close relative with a cancer scare, and these last 6 weeks were real hard to deal with while we waited for results to come back. I am looking forward to perhaps a full night sleep for the first time in quite some time. They'll go back in 3 months time to check the spot out again, but they are pretty confident that it isn't cancerous!

Got a few opportunities for those who comment on the posts here to .. star in a caption posted to this blog. Not sure how I want to do it yet, but I'm pondering it at the moment. So feel free to comment on what I've posted here, or give me some ideas on how to include YOU the readers in some captions!


  1. A lovely caption. I am glad you are feeling refreshed and that the news was good.
    Being the cynic I am. I do not think a waterfall is concerned with anything at all.
    Its an allegory, Oh why didn't you just say so.

  2. Love the caption, and the font works well too! Keep it up!

  3. Great caption. The font looks awesome on this one. Perhaps the colour being cooler and the vista longer... I don't know.