Thursday, February 9, 2017

Orange You Glad That The Patriots Won?!?

Hadn't planned on making a caption but the win was sweet! Hope the weather is treating you well!

Just a quickie post, and caption for that matter. We've been going crazy here in New England over the Patriots since they came from 25 points down to beat the Falcons in the Superb Owl. I was on-line and saw a newly posted set of this model and an idea came to me that I thought would fit Simone well since I think she's either a fan of the Falcons or Panthers.

So I just whipped it up, thinking up some fun dialog between us, and through in some love for the sissies and gurls out there. Not inventing any new wheels and probably repeating myself too. Even went old school with a font I used back in 2008-2010.

Hope you enjoy this bit of this enjoyable orange crush on a probable blindingly white snow day for most of the people out there. Please be safe. I will have another blog post up perhaps by the end of the weekend, if/when I have time to write it up.


  1. Bring her on....we in the cadre look forward to the challenge!!!
    Love it Dee.....I love snow right up until I have yo go outside in it!!! Hope you didn't get it too bad!!!

    1. I think we ended up with a little more than a foot of snow. The wind was the worst part as it blew the fluffy snow all over the place. We are used to that sort of thing though, so everyone is back to work .. and more snow coming this weekend! Wheee!

  2. When i heard the result and rise from the ashes on the news i thought of you.
    My local football(soccer)team seem adept at doing it the other way around snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.