Friday, December 9, 2016

Trying to Make the Best Out of a Trying Situation ...

.. not everyone should be using gender / love spells unless they can handle the circumstances!

Yeah, another blog exclusive. Found this picture I wanted to caption and figured, I'll just put it in a setting and type up whatever comes out. I knew I wanted to start with a cliched setup for a TG caption and so the first few lines came out that way. I just got an electronic pressure cooker so I used that image to set up the happily wedded bliss take in the setup to the meat of the story.

What if the guy was getting sick of this "new normal" though? He'd changed a guy, probably a friend of his, a co-worker, college roommate, etc .. to be his lover/wife. Would he up the ante and make her wilder, sluttier, sexier, more dominant (or submissive) or think about getting a new girl?

So I started writing that in his response, but then I wondered if this guy was more of an asshole than anything else. Maybe he skimped on the spell, and was cheap, or didn't have a lot of money. He probably wasn't ready for a real relationship anyway, and the spell didn't give the new bride much of a back story aka clothing, job skills, social skills as a woman, etc ..

That premise gave me much more to work with and I just went full blast. I bet this is the first time she's ever fought back and said something, and it was probably building up but perhaps the constraints of the spell kept her from doing or saying anything. It was their anniversary so perhaps the love spell aspect only lasted one year .. I added that in because (1) it did sort of explain why she'd be doing this now and (2) made her anger even more justified.

This will be my third caption in a row with the label "justice" and perhaps I should have spaced them out more, but this is literally the order I've created them in, and apparently this is where my mind is at the moment. It is also the second caption in a row that I've felt empathy for the one being changed, with some sort of punishment being meted out to the one that instigated the transformation. I am not sure if that is something that runs deeper within me at this time, or due to me trying to do different things, are just going off in a direction that most captioners aren't will to do much with.

Once again I will open this up for discussion, just like the last caption, feel free to comment in both. I would appreciate it. Do you like this caption? What makes it good and what makes it bad? Where would you have gone with this picture?


  1. She hitched up her panties and looks like she's tired of taking crap.

  2. Forgot to tag above comment. Brittany7

  3. He must be a real looser if even a magic spell can not get him a girl friend. Maybe he would have been better to use the magic to correct his own faults.

    1. That actually seems like the best idea. But of course this *IS* a TG caption blog!

  4. Hi Dee, I really liked this one.....the magic of the transformation versus the reality of the transformation is a really interesting slant on this type of story!!!
    Sit any man down in front of a mirror with a makeup kit and tell him to make himself beautiful....go get a drink and return for the show!!! it will be hilarious or horrifying!!!
    I had help and I still looked vaguely nightmarish in my first few solo attempts!!!
    A whole wardrobe and all the personal care and beauty products....oh and the shoes....the shoes alone could bankrupt a guy trying to set up his newly transformed girl!!!!
    Always interesting have a unique style and I love how you look at these things with a different perspective!!!