Sunday, December 25, 2016

No Longer a Blue Christmas for Dee and Katie Mills!

Head and shoulders, heels and toes! Hope you had a dee-licious Christmas dinner today!

Made this for Katie Mills, who I really haven't seen much of on-line in the last 6 months. Hoping this finds her in good spirits, health, and state of mind. Wanted to let her know I was thinking about here and that I'd love to see her around more in 2017. Alectra saw her caption last night, so maybe Katie will drop by here as well and comment.

Had a great day with family members, some good food, and a mid-day nap with the GF all cozy and warm! Watching football afterwards, and planning our shopping strategy for boxing day .. which should be this: Go see Rogue One .. dinner, then Target or Walmart once all the shoppers have left the morning rush. I don't think we need anything so it will be more of a relaxed day out and about.

This should be the last Christmas caption for 2016. I think the ones I made this year were OK, but I've done better. I wonder if it was that I wasn't sufficiently motivated and in the spirit until later this time around. A year or two ago, I had a bunch written by the middle of the month so I had plenty of moments to write and edit what I had already written. I wonder if it is because 2016 has beaten us all down fairly well. I mean, George Michael dying came across my news feed on Facebook. How much more could this year suck?

But that is the magic of Christmas. It should be the point where you can sit back and think about what you've got, and reflect on the good things we have right now .. AND take stock of what we need to do to make the next year better. I'm hoping that introspection will give me what I need to figure out what needs to be done in my life and what changes I can make to improve myself in many ways.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to those who don't follow the religious or commercial aspects of December 25th. Be safe if you are traveling back home tomorrow or venture out into the stores for deals and spending those gift cards.


  1. Happy Christmas to you Dee.
    Have just come out of the Xmas cocoon and seen your post George Micheal has past away.

    1. Thanks for reminding me that 2016 sucks donkey balls when it comes to an endless amount of quality celebrity deaths.

      But a MerryCchristmas to you Ian!