Sunday, November 13, 2016

Red Zone Trap Means Something Different in the Haven!

Look at that! Wendy is WIDE OPEN. Looks like she's going to score big time!

Got a lot done again today, though the closet wasn't one of them. Finished up with the kitchen and worked on the bathroom, and went out and grabbed some winter shoes on sale, saved like 30 bucks!

While watching the Red Zone Channel today for football since the Pats will be on the national game at 8:30 PM, and was zipping through photo sites when I came upon this one, which made me think of Wendy .. and that "colored" my idea a bit. She loves being a red head, and I perpetually owe her captions so this one was a given that it would be for her.

Red head .. Red Zone Channel .. why can't a color change a person completely? Well, that was the premise here and hopefully it worked out well, just using words to define the transformation. Since I had about an inch left, I threw in a bit of a misdirection, like a fake punt so to speak. Hopefully everyone got it. If you don't quite understand, ask in the comments, and I'll be more than happy to explain. I just hope I wasn't too obtuse with it in regards to what happened at the end.

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