Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Can Daddy and My Boyfriend Ever Get Along?

Well, when you come to my blog, I think you might already know the answer to that!

Wanted to make a nice lighthearted caption and this picture certainly set the mood. Recently, my daughter broke up with her boyfriend so that had been on my mind as I was questioning a few guys that could possibly be promoted to dating/boyfriend status. Since this IS a TG blog, daughters know everything, don't they? Well, actually they don't, so this didn't turn out the way she planned, but I believe that everyone got what they wanted in the end!

Some baseball team is going to beat their long begotten curse tonight. It has been 68 years for the Cleveland Indians, and 108 years for the Chicago Cubs. Right now, the Cubs are winning heading into the bottom of the 8th inning. Let's see if they can seal the deal!

This is a blog exclusive so please do talk about this caption. Did anyone have trouble understanding it? I hope it came out pretty straight forward, with a twist that everyone could follow.


  1. Very cute twist on the daughter here! Although I don't know why Mom would want to have threeee teenage girls in the house! Anyway, that's a rather special fantasy you cooked up, Dee! Glad we all have this outlet for working out those gender-y situations in our real lives ~OliviaLovely

    1. Why would Mom want to have 3 teenage girls in the house? Well, as a total MILF, they could bring home lots of young men to entertain her!

      I don't think I want this fantasy to come true. I'm not a fan of most of my daughter's boyfriends. She just ditched this latest one because he's not very ambitious. She's sick of him watching life pass him by.

    2. Haha!! That's a perfect reason for her to want three girls!

      I'm still fresh out of college so it's not a field that I usually fantasize in, but this was a snappy exploration sure. Your daughter sounds confident in learning what she's looking for. And she's got one creative parent for guidance! ~Olivia