Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Purple Hair Is Much Sexier Than Wearing a Raspberry Beret!

2016 is the year of the celebrity death, or at least TALENTED Celebrity Deaths!

A few more celebrities died over the last 7 days, including Comedian Kevin Meaney and Musician / Plastic Surgery Disaster Pete Burns. I had been thinking about how shitty this year has been for talented famous people when I saw this picture in Vision's trading folder gallery. Immediately I thought about Prince, and the caption became semi-meta because the first two paragraphs was just me lamenting about it. I know Lemmy died in December of 2015 but (a) it was close enough and (b) it's fucking LEMMY! The dude that was supposed to be Keith Richard's pall bearer!

Anyway, I liked the photo a lot and figured I would tie it in with Prince somehow, probably making Ryan look like one of Prince's female musical partners. They are actually starting to give tours of Paisley Park now, so I tied that in, and made me think of a radio station promotion, which drove the plot along nicely. Of course, the water transformation aspect mirrors a scene in his greatest movie, Purple Rain. The zinger is a lyric from one of his most popular songs, Let's Go Crazy. I used it because it comes from the part that sounds like a funeral but talks about the afterlife, and it just fit in with what I had written before.

I hope that Ryan at least likes Prince or it is sort of a wasted caption for them. It is just what I pulled out of the image and I wanted to stay true to it. If not, then looking like her is some consolation!

Hope everyone is enjoying their hump day! I am psyched because I have so many vacation days left to take before the end of the year that I do not have a full week of work until January!

Not an Adam Levine fan but damn did he freakin' CRUSH this song!


  1. Purple hair caps for life!! ~ OliviaLovely

    1. Glad you dropped by! I write much more about each caption here than I do on the Haven so you get extra insight here, or extra goofiness, or what it is I have, you get extra here!