Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Moments of Doubt Can Lead to a Lifetime of Clarity

Honestly I had no idea what to call this. I just know I definitely thought like a woman for this one!

Well, confidence is part of what this caption for Felicia Hextus is all about, or the lack of it. The picture showed me the story right away and I knew it would work well with Felicia. That story being the transformation was being done in "real time" and she was commenting on it WHILE it was going on, but not with her male self, but the emerging female self.

Can you imagine the standard TG caption having that slant, where even after you've been turned into a lingerie model, that isn't the worst part of the whole ordeal. It was "I can't believe I've got cankles!"

As I wrote on the Haven post, "I know so many women that feel like this, that it is kind of sad in a way. Men tend to be self-delusional towards the confident with no flaws end of the spectrum." And yes, I know this to be true as well. Aren't most men just a few visits to the gym and a blond dye job away from being just like Brad Pitt? While beautiful super models are, "i wish my belly button wasn't so high up. I'm ALL TORSO!"

I had a lot of fun writing this, and I spent around 35 minutes working on it, which is about 15-20 more than I usually do as I wanted it just right. At one point it was going to be darker, where she puts on a collar and is leashed, sort of a "happiness in servitude" ending but I've been in a good mood lately, so it ends on a almost positive note. Not that I didn't put her through the ringer beforehand! I think we both ended up with just desserts!

Over the last few days, I've gotten 8 or 9 captions done, because I've had time to actually relax and create at my own pace. It's been a blast. Wish I could do this more! You've already seen a few of them posted on Saturday and Sunday. It is also nice to have a bit of a backlog so I can pick and choose which ones to release here next. When that happens, I tend to elaborate more which should make it a better experience for you, the readers. Until next, time, I shall now take my leave of you!

One of my favorite punk songs EVER! A true classic!


  1. Yay for time! And good work on the dialogue in the caption. It's a fascinating exercise that yields an intriguing result whilst still doing the job that is asked of it.

    1. Crap! You are the second person that thought it was dialog. I guess I should have explained more. The white text is what is happening. The pink text is Felix / Felicia's thoughts or the whispering to Dee.