Sunday, October 30, 2016

I'm a Chubby Girl! Can You Freakin' Believe That?

Someone obviously mislabeled most women, and it certainly wasn't me!

This one was created on Thursday as I was surfing on-line for some pictures to caption and came across this one. I just couldn't believe the website tag there for the name of the site. Now, I appreciate a larger woman, but the fact that they were saying SHE is one of the models there made me sick to my stomach. On WHAT planet is that considered chubby? There were other pictures in the set, and from the waist down, she is of the same proportions so it wasn't even a "big thighs and booty" thing that perhaps we are missing in this source photo.

This might be the first time I've left the website on the photo on purpose, even though I don't want anyone to visit there and support their body shaming. I thought about changing the name of the site for the caption, but I figured I would keep it as I wrote this caption out to excoriate it. I don't think any of the women on the site are larger than a size 12.

But here is a dirty little secret for those of you out there that visit porn sites. Many of them are (a) owned by the same company, and/or (b) unless you are buying a particular model's personal site, most sites buy/lease/license their pictures from other producers. Depending on the relationship she has with others in the business, this model probably was shot by a photographer who gave her X amount of dollars times the amount of sets she shot that day. Then she is given a fake name and sold to a site that generates their own watermark. The model might not even know what sites she is appearing on, so somehow this woman is a "chubby girl" or "nasty sorority sister" or "hot young wife" depending on the site, perhaps she's all three!

So I went into this just writing what I felt, and trying to make it a TG caption. Body image / esteem is a thing for both women and TG people so I went with that .. and of course some poetic justice to those who feel like defining this model as larger than normal. Sorry for this vitriol, but as a parent with a daughter, I'd hate to think that she'd come across that site some day, perhaps on a boyfriends' computer, and be upset that society says THIS model needs to lose a few pounds.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you honestly feel that she is anywhere NEAR being chubby? I'm betting 9 out of 10 people here would sell everything they owned to look like that! What did you think of the actual caption?

"Pretty, pretty please, don't you ever, ever feel .. Like you're less than fucking perfect!"


  1. loved the caption you made a very good point here, no she is not chubby by any means.
    porn, media and music industries do have a lot to blame. all creating and promoting
    certain body images and sexual Olympics as the norm. i don't think its just women now men also think if they are not hung like a horse, have the stamina of a marathon runner or the skill of a tantric sex yogi they are not a real man .

  2. Agreed with your sentiment. She does have some nice curves, but certainly not chubby. Still I'd be happy to be cum her.

  3. Not chubby at all! Very surprised that she would wind up there!