Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dr. Mentia and her client, Joanna! .. DIY Results Too!

"Dr." Mentia .. "help"ing "girls" trap themselves since 2007! Just ask my assistant, Sissy Kaaren!

Wanted to make a caption for one of my readers, since we didn't have many entries this month for the DIY Challenge, and Joanna had left her male/female name in a comment and dared me to, I believe, "be as cruel as you like!" Hmmm, that seemed to be a challenge I could accept!

The picture source wasn't too big, and I thought, "how much could I possibly write for this?" and then when I was done, had to shrink down the text about 40 percent! Even then, I didn't get to add in the nipple clamps that she was wearing (it seems that the top half of her dress was pulled down to her waist) and I had to prune a bit of verbiage to get to the actual heart of the story.

And I added Sissy Kaaren to the mix too, since I could use her as a basis for my prior work, and sometimes a sissy just has to get out of the house and work occasionally. I mean, what is better than having an assistant ride to work on the subway to and from home in a sexy, sissy nurse's outfit? I can only imagine the amount of accidental fondling or other embarrassing things she'd end up involved with on her daily commute.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed this, and since it's a blog exclusive, it would be nice if people discussed it in the comment section. Also, Joanna and Kaaren, I don't mind if you post these to your blogs, you have my permission if you wish to do so. I just ask that you provide a link to this blog.


Hmmm, we only ended up with two entries this month. I know it wasn't an easy picture and I wonder how many people headed back to school in September. With that being said, both were quality submissions, so please enjoy them!

This first one is from Dr. Psycho and I really liked the idea of a mirror world that he slipped through. The best touch was learning to read from right to left, which makes a lot of sense. I guess there are many more left handers in that world .. perhaps I would have done much better in art class there!

And the other came from Brittany, who wrote a story as tight as the yoga pants in the picture! If there is anything I need, it is to be more flexible. my muscles tighten up very easily, especially my calves. I'll be in bed at night and just all of a sudden I'll get a huge cramp and leap out of bed screaming! So thank you to Brittany for keeping me all bendy and fit!

I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday.

Who doesn't want to have fun with ropes? Especially with Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wiedlin?


  1. Well, I for one thought that too cruel, and just as soon as I've sorted out my eye-shadow and attached those gosh-durned nipple clamps I shall be out for revenge. Unless I get distracted by the wind and need to restyle my hair just so whilst in handcuffs and high heels. But, if not, you just wait!

    In short, thank you very much. I saw this in the morning as I set off to work and it resonated strangely well with my day-dream-like thoughts over the last week or so, it's like you knew. Wait. You knew? Probably.

  2. Really liked that image for the bondage caption. Definitely unique and cappable. You did a good job with it.

  3. Hi sorry that I didn't thank you sooner....this last week has been just a hectic nightmare.....Every post that's gone up in the last week came from my Drafts folder....I honestly haven't had time to even take a few minutes to.....well let's not go into that!!!!
    That being said I loved being promoted from patient to assistant!!!! And wearing that little nursie outfit on the train.....oh yes that sounds like something we'll have to have a session about soon!!!!
    Thanks again and sorry that it took so long to get back to you!!!