Friday, September 23, 2016

When the Mundane Becomes Sublime!

.. and when you forget you were supposed to make a post tonight. Whoops! Here's a caption!

Apparently it isn't summer anymore, even though it was around 80 degrees here in New England. I made this caption for Jay Seaver who is from the area of Boston, the biggest city in the six states taht define the region of New England. As I mentioned in the original post, "I tend to overlook the beauty of New England at this time of year, so I wondered if you did too. If so, that is something I can fix here on the Haven though!"

It has been way to hot for the leaves to turn here yet, and I am guessing in another ten days or so it will have begun. Then a whole bunch of visitors from the mid-Atlantic invade our area to view the foliage. I assume that is boring after about 20 minutes though, so then they can head to Salem for their Halloween fix, pick some apples and pumpkins, drink lots of pumpkin spice flavored liquids, and then head home where the weather should be much nicer than here for the winter!

I've never lived anywhere else for a long period of time, other than Florida for a few months when I was younger, and I'm not sure I ever want to leave here, unless I can find another place that is like this but better. The only thing I don't like about this place is the bleakness of late winter, where it never gets warmer than 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and everything is a mixture of sand, slush, mud and ice .. the boring 50 shades of gray .. yet like other parts of the country that would just shut down and crawl back into bed .. we have that, "nothing fuckin' bothers us! 12 inches of snow in 4 hours? We'll be no later for work than 30 minutes," attitude, because if you are 45 minutes late for work due to the weather, you'll be fired. I wonder if that is why people don't understand the New England Patriots mentality of "Do your Job" and "Next man up" when the fans live that mantra every damn day.

Yeah, I'm rambling because I forgot that I was supposed to post today. Oh well. Consider this a look inside Dee's mind, formed and crafted by the environment and logic of the original English settlers and surrounded by the fundamental history of this wonderful nation and its pioneering spirit. Live free or die! How many states have THAT as their license plate motto? America, Fuck yeah!


  1. Sometimes New England seems a strange place to outsiders such as myself. The remnants of cities and farms left after the apocalyptic visitation of smallpox gave those English settlers the time and space to create something rather beautiful, and, like you say, resilient in a way only the Protestant Work Ethic could create.

    Autumn is supposedly here too, but a mini-heatwave and mist seem to have prevented an early turn of the leaves. It's my favourite season, so it's good to see a caption where it's happened!


    1. I've never really thought about it with the whole "Protestant Work Ethic" angle before but it does seem to fit this area, especially the southern half I live and work in.

      Outsiders often seem to believe that we are cold, aloof and unfriendly .. and that we can look down on others and think them lazy. Not entirely unfounded, especially since to us, "laid back" = "unreliable" and a good portion of the people here even "party hard". This area of the country wants "instant gratification" and is willing to go overboard to get it.

      Where I live, there are SEVEN Walmarts within the 15 mile radius of my apartment, and until recently, FIVE Sam's Clubs. In that same radius, there are also FOUR Targets, and FOUR BJ's Wholesale Clubs .. FOUR Home Depots, THREE Lowe's Home Improvement stores.

    2. Working in my profession I think I am *actually* cold, aloof and unfriendly in many ways. And, in my experience, "laid back" IS "unreliable". Mind you, I suspect some of that is just being plain ol' British on my part!

  2. I think there is a saying which i am probably misquoting but something like we have the winters so we appreciate the summers. I had one of those that's nice moments the other day.
    just driving to work A church across a fresh mowed field, its great to to have a sublime moment once in a while.