Monday, September 19, 2016

Pressing the Buttons, and Your Luck, at the Casino!

Guess no one wanted to star as a bride in a caption made by me. I feel like I've been jilted at the altar!

About a thousand page views in 24 hours for the last post, and even two comments, but no one wanted to be a bride in a Dee Mentia caption. Oh well. I chose to make the caption for SimplySays on the Haven, as I hadn't done one for her in awhile, and she does comments on others' captions too.

The picture was wonderful to work with, and really gave me the story almost in full. The only thing I had originally thought about doing, but I didn't, was perhaps having her marry a man of color. I vaguely remember having some quote of "always bet on black," relating to the roulette table I had referenced in one of the earlier paragraphs .. but I didn't feel that I needed to wrap up the caption that way, though it would've been more self-contained and less linearly constructed.

With the photo, and her playing with the cuffs, made me think of a metaphorical hand-cuff, which led to the watch that could change your luck by pressing a button. Over time, the wrist implement modifies itself to match the look of its user, a cloaking device so to speak. A blushing bride wouldn't be wearing one of those heavy Rolex watches, so it is something more appropriate to her station in life at the time of it being worn.

Hopefully everyone got this and don't need it explained. If you have any questions, ask away in the comment section. Glad to see it was so busy here today. Keep coming back .. I've got more for you!

Doin' some Rockin' with Dokken. Who doesn't want to do a guitar solo in front of an active volcano?


  1. I would have loved to be a bride but you can't write about me all the time....that's my job!!!
    Loved the whole concept!!!! Especially that her friends were along for the ride....willingly or otherwise I guess once the first change occurred they had no choice!!!!

  2. Dangnabbit, knew it was the wrong week to not be checking blogs. Well, I clearly suck and now you're jilted. Bums.

    Lovely caption though, so we all win here.


  3. Well, if everyone does post their male name / female name here, I'll keep them all in mind when I DO make captions that aren't for someone on the Haven!

    That sounds like a win/win for everyone!

  4. Graham / Grace can be turned into a bride any time you like. :)

  5. In case you don't know: Pete/Joanna - be as cruel as you like!