Friday, September 16, 2016

Getting Your Feet Wet Doesn't Quite Make You a Mermaid? Plus DIY Challenge for September

In all my Urban Exploration, I've never come across something like this, and if I did ...

... I would probably do exactly what I did in THIS caption.

When I saw the picture, the story came pretty much to me straight through to the last line, and I remembered that Jillisa like mermaids and other mythical creatures so this caption was made for her right from the start. Took a few minutes to figure out how to end it, which I just asked myself what I would do in that situation, and wrote it out.

I wrote it somewhat vague, and Jillisa rightly called me out for it: 
The tub only turned me into a woman but not a mermaid, but Damien is cool with that and wants to buy the building? Did it really turn me into a mermaid before?
My explanation to her is this: It's the fact that you so wanted to be a mermaid again so badly that you had overlooked the fact that you were at least a female at that moment. It's a bit of the old "not seeing forest for the trees" situation. Damien has got his mind on "I found a place that changes people! Let's buy this place and figure it all out!" 

I didn't have any set thought about how you became a mermaid that first time. Perhaps you were sweating heavily and that made the water saltier? My opinion when writing it was that you fell asleep in the relaxing water and being in there for that long, instead of turning your skin wrinkly, it made you a mermaid. Or in your dreams you became a mermaid, but were just changed into a woman. You know me, sometimes I am a bit vague because I like being mysterious!

Of course, much more testing needs to be done though in this grotto, so I'm sure you and other Havenettes would LOVE to be volunteers! LOL

Did that help anyone out there that was wondering the same thing? There is no such thing as a wrong interpretation when it wasn't spelled out, I just wondered if you could get out of it what I thought of when I was writing it.


DIY CHALLENGE TIME: OK, it's September now, and its the perfect time to get in shape, as the weather has cooled off, the kids are back in school after summer vacation .. and it is the best time to figure out how you are going to look better for 2017 and the inevitable New Year's Resolutions.

So why not start things off now on the right foot .. or left if you are starring in this caption! I found the picture interesting and hopefully you'll be able to do something good with it in regards to exercising, joining an exclusive gym, finding some magical workout gear, or perhaps trying the latest work-out fad from Hollywood? Whatever you want, it's up to you!

The deadline will be Friday, September 30 at midnight PST. You can post your final caption in my trading folder on Rachel's Haven, email it to me, or if you are a newbie, I can take your story and fit it into the pre-made caption setting up above.

The irony is this is that Dethklok has two songs about mermaids and this one about living in the oceans, and when I work out on the stationary bike, I listen to the first side of Dethalbum II. The song below is what I use to finish off the cardio part of my workout.

Don't forget, there is a good discussion going on in the last post about sissies and cuckholding, so swing by there too.


  1. I would not want to be mermade a mermaid. i am a very poor swimmer.

  2. Sorry if this is a repeat, but I thought I might not have sent you my contest entry: