Thursday, September 29, 2016

Checkin' Out the Goods - Happy Birthday to Dawn (Commentator)

Getting older has never looked so good!

Made this one for Dawn, whose birthday was yesterday, but I was too lazy to post it up here on the actual day it happened. The main thing was making sure she received it on time, which I think she did .. checking the time stamp of her reply .. yes, she did!

I had the luscious picture in a caption setting for a few weeks now and didn't quite have a full-fledged idea for it at the time, so I let it simmer on the back burner while my attention went to other things. Once I realized it was Dawn's birthday, my mind went back to it and said, "you can certainly do something for her with that one!" so it was just a matter of putting words down that matched the photo and referenced her birthday in some way.

I always tend to take birthday captions and make them meta. I mean, the whole recognition of a caption reader / creator in itself is meta, so why not work with it since it's there already? All I had was the desire to finish the caption with a line about being a "young lady", while acknowledging "the past" before she became who she is today. If I could work a spanking into it, so be it, but that was a secondary goal to shoot for.

This caption is a bit different also in that I pretty much use what is there. I don't do a lot of "show, then tell" and this is even more, "show, then elaborate". I just wrote until I was able to credibly get to the ending I wanted, then crafted the final sentences a bit so that everything flowed together.

Originally that "Someone" would have been a Haven member, but in the end, I decided that it was a caption FOR Dawn and left it vague. I guess anyone reading it can now put themselves in that spot as a maid for Dawn if they wish. I can think of lots worse positions that working in a sexy maid's outfit for a MILFY Haven member.

Remember the deadline for this month's DIY Challenge is quickly approaching!

Double shot of Screaming Females here! This time doing a cover with Garbage!


  1. Interesting pair of comments. Maybe I should chsnge my name to Fine Cutlery and join in :-)

    1. Seems like Google's spam filter decided to take a vacation day, huh?

      That or your birthday gifts were really hot and horny to view your sexy body!