Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Union Collectively Gave You a Bargain!

It's not that often than a union gets involved in TG Captions. At least that is what Jenny Hoffa said!

Made this for Sarine Davis (aka Belladonna from Fictionmania) a little ways back and then promptly forgot about it. I was making DIY captions and it ended up in that directory, instead of the usual directory where my original captions go. As I mentioned in the posting for her on the Haven:
With all the Roger Goodell talk about the Player's union and collectively bargained rights, I whipped up this caption. I think it's not a typical caption, since it's got a twist I think people will like, or two twists depending on your sense of direction! Due to the twist, I couldn't work either name into the caption. Sometimes it's unavoidable.
Since I am going to assume you've read it already. If I had put either of her names up front, it probably would have given away the reveal that the person reading the file IS Jay/Sara .. and that it is his/her file that she is in fact reading. Did I catch you, or were you aware that this is a Dee caption, so you have to be prepared for anything? Maybe, like M Night Shamalamadurangdurang, my reputation is now such that people expect a left hand turn. Please let me know in the comments if I did get you on the wrong track.

No matter what though, that union is something else. I'm not sure if you WANT that sort of representation or not. Being a part of the Pipefitters Union could mean something totally different if the Labor Boards had their way like this!

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  1. I'm more than ready to pay my dues!!!! I was never a union kind of person but that is one union I would join in a heartbeat!!!!