Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Pensive Mistress Surveys Her Domain

Who says that Dominant Mistresses can't be friendly with each other?

This caption was made for Mistress Simone, whom most of you know from her blog, which you can visit from the link on the left hand side, but if you bastards are too lazy to do that, you can CLICK HERE to visit. She is probably the longest lasting friend I have from the Haven, as most that started around the time I did, have now moved on, vanished, witness relocated, etc ..

As per my original posting in her trading folder:
Saw this picture and thought it was so Simone that I just had to caption it. I wanted to do something different with it though, so i tried to think of the impact the Haven has made on you and the impact you've made on the Haven. Hopefully I've weaved something worth reading once or twice.
And Simone got it exactly, as her reply was:
Thank you, Dee.  I really like this, especially the way you weaved the Pygmalion themes into this.  I do adore those ideas so it's fun to see them recognized. 
Unlike perhaps 90 percent of the Haven, we are usually portrayed as Dominant, and I can see that in real life as well. Simone can take over a room and make it her own. We have different styles, and usually seal the deal in different ways. She is much more formal and regimented, and likes to collar her sub-missives. I like to wing it and trap my prey.

Same goes for our captions. We each have our own style, and can do it other ways, but we know how we want to present our ideas and have built up a design that each shouts out our names to readers that they know it is from us.

With this caption, I was looking to honor both her, and those that influenced us when we started at the Haven all those years ago. While they aren't around anymore, we continue to remember their contributions to the site and to the formation of what we have done, and continue to do .. and that we do out best to pay it forward to those who are now coming into the TG fold. There is a saying that "winners are the ones who write history." Well, change that to "survivors"and we shall do out best to let people know of the glories and ghosts of captions past, and bear witness to the future too!

Second Ptetenders song in a row! You'd think I was on a Chrissy Hynde kick or something!

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