Thursday, August 25, 2016

No More Meatballs in Your Underwear!

Yeah. Perhaps the title is better than the actual caption. A summer camp quickie caption!

Made this about 2 weeks ago, as a quickie, and as a way to keep captioning so I could gain some momentum. Just a moment in time caption, and one of a few Summer time captions I've created this August, and you'll see some more as we head towards Labor Day Weekend.

For those people less than 35 years old, there was an old movie starring Bill Murray called "Meatballs" which was about summer camp, hence the caption title. I wrote it as if I was a 15 year old boy and what they think about girl's summer camps when they are stuck at a boy's camp!

That may, or may not, be actual teenage vernacular used in this caption. If any of you readers ARE actually teenage girls, let me know how close to accurate I am .. or even better, turn me into one so I can get first hand knowledge without feeling like a literal creep!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Anyone been to Atlantic City in the Autumn season? Other than gambling and strip clubs, is there anything else to do there that could be considered fun?


  1. Well i can not comment on the teen lingo. But it was incomprehensible so must be right.
    Did you ever find anything fun in Atlantic City?

    1. We ended up not having to go. Thank goodness!