Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Not Another John Hughes 80's Type Movie TG Caption!

"Home Alone" would also be a much different movie if it was a TG Caption too, eh?

Perhaps the members of "the wet bandits" would slowly turn into two teenage girls that watched Kevin over the Christmas holiday if it was a TG caption. I'm pretty sure I'd even watch that version of the movie. Yes, I HATE "Home Alone" as I think it is stupidly violent, and violently stupid.

Anyway, with that said, I like most of John Hughes' movies, like National Lampoon's Vacation, Weird Science, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Beuller, Breakfast Club, etc ... but only the 80's films. Once 1990 hit, and that dreaded "Home Alone" came out, he started producing utter shit.

So it must be the magical 80's that brought his ideas to life. Likewise, it triggered the idea for me as well when making this caption. As per my Haven post:
The irony of the title is that I can't remember John Hughes making one of these, although the TV show rip off of Weird Science did it a few times I'm sure. 
Well, I was thinking about how many teen movies in the 80's involved swapping sexes or at least pretending to be the opposite sex. 
It's also nice to know that teens find this plot intriguing even today, as evidenced by the number of body-swap amateur clips you will see on Youtube. 
SO with that in mind, I hope you enjoy this homage to a pop culture staple.
My favorite was "Just One of the Guys" because it had boobies in it, including a terrific set on the "star" of the movie, Terri Hauser. It was highly implausible, but it had a certain French Farce like nature to it that other movies would not have tried to do. Hunt it down if you can!

And of course, these ideas were some of the very foundations of my sex change / TG fetish or whatever you would call it.  "Why can't GUYS have as much fun as girls, Cyndi Lauper? Maybe if you turn me into a girl then I'll have lots of fun too!" "Which of the little girls in the neighborhood had witch powers like Tabitha on Bewitched? Maybe Kara does because her uncle certainly acts like Uncle Arthur does! Then we can dress up like twins for church!"

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Which childhood TG fantasies can you remember having back when you were young or up through teenage years? Where they more pop culture related, or grounded in the reality around you at school or in your neighborhood?"

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