Sunday, July 17, 2016

KarenSue Loves Big Socks .. and Other Misplaced Wishes for the Deaf Imp!

Who knows if it was really a genie, an imp, or a fun-loving fairy .. they probably need a hearing aid!

Made this for KarenSue, obviously! It's definitely a one-note caption, but I love playing the hell out of that one note. Misheard lyrics are fun to hear other people sing, and what fun can be had when an imp doesn't get wishes completely right, or messes them up in an obtuse way.

It's just a silly, suggestive caption that is more naughty for the picture than the actual storyline, which is usually opposite the way I usually construct captions. I just saw the image and thought, "I like big socks and I cannot lie!" and the entire thing was written from that little twisted blurb of Sir Mixalot.

I love it when nothing gets in the way of a goofy, unadulterated caption. Cya on Monday!

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