Thursday, July 21, 2016

Getting Away From It All .. Until the Wives Find Us!

Life has sucked lately, so it's good to have some squirmy fun. Hear some Dee confessions insides!

Made this for Lacy last night, then forgot to post it to the Haven. I whipped up something today that I should be able to post on Saturday night without much of a writeup. I have a few captions I haven't posted yet, but I'd like to be able to give them time for a proper post.

Try reading the caption first before I give you help if you can't follow it. I'll put the spoiler below.

Anyway, I hope that everyone has been doing well. I honestly am not trying to avoid people, but I just have too much reality happening and I don't see it slowing down that much in the near future .. and this is without some of the other things that I THOUGHT would take time away from this blog .. thank the goddess THAT hasn't started yet!

The woman who died that I knew back in the 90's was a really nice person, who leaves behind two teenage daughters. When I knew her well (the past few years she'd be a bit of a shut in due to health issues that ultimately killed her, though I still kept in touch via Myspace, then Facebook) she might have had the dirtiest mind I ever knew, and I can remember going over to her place for some wild get togethers. She enjoyed watching people have sex, and I ended up going at it with a few of her female friends, or would bring along one of my own, for either oral or full on sex. I am pretty sure her hubby was a swinger with her, but he was on the outs at the time and they ended up divorced. I never did anything with her sexually .. I think that was part of the fun of it all.

Also, I remember the first time I shaved "down there" as in all the pubes, and balls and sack area. Took awhile, and it was like at 2 in the morning. She happened to be in a chat room at the time, so I told her what I had done. She was so excited for me, especially as I told her how much of a turn on it was just to kind of walk from room to room. Her advice was "use some baby oil!" Nothing like making a good situation even better! I haven't shaved down there in a week now, so perhaps I'll dedicate this next pruning of the bushes to her!

Her kids got older, and I settled down with one woman and got custody of my daughter, and for awhile we didn't chat much. Then we regained contact when Myspace happened and kept in touch mostly as acquaintances. She did get me onto Second Life once and showed me how the characters had sex on a bouncy type thing. That was also quite different to experience!

So now I am feeling as mortal as ever, when people I knew in the spirit of youth are no longer alive. That is the danger when you continue to breathe .. not everyone will follow suit. Try to live your life with vigor, but do be careful too. I remember the wild drunken times with her yes, but I also remember the nights just chatting about horror movies or what her oldest was doing in school.

It's so easy now to reach out to an old friend. Don't be afraid. Let the things that pissed you off about them, and vice versa .. let them go and tell them what you appreciated about them and why. It is so much better when they can hear first hand, as opposed to at their memorial service.

For those that can't seem to follow the dialog: Dee is white, Lacy is powder blue, Lacy's wife is yellow, and Dee's wife is orange. Also, Lacy and Dee are only female inside. That is why one can't be male while the other is female.

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  1. Looks like the wives will always have a willing spouse to go shopping with.
    Brittany7. I always liked one of your earliest caps from Oct. 6, 2010. Embarrassed? He's as red as his platform heels!. If not choose one that fits my preferences.