Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Why Do They Call You Tobacco Joe?

You know, there is a power to your name. Just ask Rumpelstiltskin!

This should be one of the last flashbacks before I start posting some newer captions. It was made in January of 2009 for Bimbo Jessica, and basically an excuse for using a tag line from an old chewing tobacco company. I'm pretty sure they cannot advertise any type of tobacco product on TV or even in print ads here in the United States anymore, but I can remember smokeless chew products sponsoring "This Week in Baseball" if I remember correctly. A few of the guys I played Legion baseball with were dipping when I was back in High School. seemed dirty and disgusting then, and it still seems like it now. Nothing sexier than a spittoon, right?

Of course, in our enlightened days, people tend not to dip nearly as much as they used to, as it has shown to cause throat, tongue and other mouth cancers. I mean, lung cancer sucks, but it is nothing like what can be caused by chewing tobacco. So kids, don't be allured by Big League Chew! Dipping is bad for you! BAD!

Anyway, this caption doesn't really require much more setup than that, right? No real subtext or something that could be lost in translation. Maybe there is an age gap here that millennials might not understand the reference, but I already explained it! Just enjoy the oral sex / pop culture references!

 Coming soon, we have the entries for the May 2016 DIY Challenge, some brand new captions, and weather on the 8's. Stay tuned!

Watching "Primitive Technology"s videos on Youtube puts me in a total Zen like state. so easy to get lost in the builds and think, "I could do this!" if I really wanted to spend untold hours mucking about in mud and mosquitoes and whatnot. I think I'll stay inside and watch the videos instead until someone invites me over to make a campfire. THAT I am really good at!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What other bad habits could be turned into good TG captions?


  1. A fun caption, times do change i remember when i was a kid you could buy sweets that looked like cigarettes and cigars. my chain smoke habit shows that was a bad idea.
    Those back to basic videos are very watchable but in reality if i built that it would collapse with me in it for sure.
    Most vices and even a few virtues have been but to good use in captions. my vices is procrastination and not listening oh and porn its a wonder my hands are free long enough to write this.

    1. I can remember sweets like that as well, over here they were mostly chocolate. Fortunately I didn't end up a smoker, but I love chocolate.

      As for the bad habits, bubble gum and lollipops spring to mind