Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dee Is Definitely Not the Fuller Bush Salesperson! Answer the Door Wendy!

.. and we've got the DIY Challenge results too! So let's ring the doorbell and head on inside!

Made this one for Wendygirl, and turns out that I owe her a ton of captions. She said not to worry about it, but I am still going to make some for her, so get used to captions with her preferences coming down the pike here on the blog.

I saw this picture in her trading folder, and I thought about traveling salespeople, which I think was a bit before my time, I did watch a lot of old television when I was a kid, and knew that there was a Fuller Brush salesman that went door to door selling all sorts of things for cleaning and household goods. (Yes, the title is a play off that company/ I figured that Wendy's picture showed a trimmed bush, so perhaps we could make it a bit fuller!) In this day and age, when even brick and mortar stores are closing down, I imagine that selling door to door must be incredibly hard.

So hard that you would need some magical help to get you to your sales goals. Hence this caption. It really isn't that far off base, as I know of quite a few companies that sell sex toys like you would Tupperware or Mary Kay cosmetics .. through home parties. I was going for a more sexual situation though, starting a weekly orgy group amongst the bored housewives might be a profitable adventure and quite a lot of fun for Wendy too!

And for about 3 weeks now I've wanted to have a POOF in my story so now I'm happy and calm.


Here are the entries for the May 2016 DIY Challenge. I am not going to comment on them because I haven't read them yet. I haven't done the actual challenge on this blog for a number of months and I hadn't had time before setting this up to do so. However, between the time I wrote this up (around noon on Sunday) and when it's posted (around 9:30 EST Sunday) I promise to make SOMETHING with the picture and setting I provided. Right now I am thinking about something to do with POTION TASTING LIKE BEER.

The first caption is from Ian:

Next up is Dawn (Commentator):

The third caption was made by Brittany:

And the last one to come across my desk is from Helena!

From the looks of it, everyone was quite verbose in their story lines, and from the titles given for each caption, they seem to be enough apart that each person had their own idea and went for it. I'm always happy when we see a wide range of story ideas from the same image! Let's hope I didn't copy anyone else and gave mine a Dee like spin. It is going to be right below this paragraph.

SO, how did we all do for this month's DIY Challenge? Do you have any ideas for next month, which is already here?!? Leave comments about the captions and ideas for June below!


  1. I was unable to open any of them -- did anyone else have a problem, or was it just me?

  2. Poof!!!! I hope he comes to my door!!!!

  3. Poof,zap, kapow. wouldn't it be great to have cartoon sound effect in real life.
    The DIY Did lend its self to a longer telling of the tale. but i often do that what ever the subject.
    Am trying to think of a June theme. erm...flaming June, summer solstice, vacations,hay fever, Sting,, no wait that was Dune.