Thursday, May 19, 2016

There Ain't No Drama like .. GIRL DRAMA! Showdown or Throwdown!

"Bring it on!" "Oh yeah, it'd been BROUGHT!" "You call that brought? You got SERVED!"

Or something like that! Sorry I wasn't around as scheduled yesterday. I'd love to weave some sort of a wondrous, tale of adventure .. but we didn't have power from 5 PM through to about 1 AM so I didn't have time to write up a post AND get some beauty sleep for the morning.

Made this for Totalditz after seeing the picture and thinking there was definitely a story lurking in there somewhere, and I just had to dig a bit to find it. As per my post in her trading folder:
Guys don't usually do drama when they are mad at each other. Guys who are becoming girls with all those hormones raging are probably THE WORST! 
Anyway, I see stories about female best friends turning their boyfriends into girls, or their brothers into girls, but not female enemies changing two guys that are best friends into girls. It's a dynamic I wanted to play with and I must say it was lots of fun to write. I hope people can follow who is speaking well enough. 
Also, this makes you wonder if Ryan is under someone's control too. Perhaps he isn't. or maybe both Riley and Dee have their controlling hooks in him as well to make the other girls jealous, or is there a third girl hiding out and biding her time? Did Dee get to Riley's boyfriend? 
And if you think girls aren't this dee-vious, you need to get out more. The stories I've heard from my daughter, high school girls are Bond level villains!
So, Courtney Captisa! This sounds like a great outline for your next book!

I am not sure if I will post on the usual Friday evening or double up on the weekend. Stay tuned, and remember that the DIY Challenge for May is ongoing through to the end of the month!

I guess sometimes I am a teenage girl since I think that Panic at the Disco is one of the best bands to come out in the last 10 years or so, even though it's just Brandon Urie at this point in time. I like to think that he's giving his young fans a romp through every single period of music through the 20th centurty and beyond, as he definitely wears each influence on his sleeve.


  1. Great cap. I really love the idea of two female enemies turning two male best friends into copies of themselves and turning them against each other. Might be cool to see a sequel that shows just how much they've become like their respective female enemies and how much they now dislike each other.