Sunday, May 1, 2016

How Many "Way Too Many"s Are Too Many?

Probably One Less Than Too Much!

This caption was pretty much a "found a picture, immediately put it in a setting and write it up," variety, as the idea came to me straight out.with the repetition of "way too +blank+ now" to highlight the changes that happened over the night before.

The middle section was a bit harder to write, but it felt like one of those fairy tales of "if you get home before the sun's highest peak in the sky, you will turn back into your old self." Home base when you played tag, that sort of thing, and of course you are always safe in your castle.There already were buildings in the background so I figured a few sentences would tie everything in together quite nicely. Bringing in the actual idea of the fairy tale seemed the most "meta" thing to do, and comparing him to a fairy princess was a great transition to his/her new way of thinking.

I don't think I changed anything after the initial writeup, other than checking for spelling errors. I was, and still am, very happy with how it turned out. Even a mistake worked out for me, as for some reason, one of my signature fonts is usually set in bold, but wasn't here when I wrote this out. In this instance, it gave the text a slimming effect that went well with the feminine figure in the photo. Sometimes you just get lucky I guess.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Would you rather know WHY you had been changed into a horny woman, or is it better not to know, as in this case here?

Here's a funny Jimmy Fallon / Paul Rudd recreation of a "classic" Styx video. Lots of fun to watch!

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  1. At first i thought hell yes i would want to know what happened. but then again if its a good life it wouldn't matter. I think the if is whats important. It might be easier to scratch the itch being a horny woman rather than a horny man but there might be a whole heap of other problems. (like getting into those tight pants every morning) so i well stick with yes but give it a day or to or a week there is a hot guy giving me the eye (giggle)