Saturday, April 2, 2016

More Than a Mouthful ... Damn Stupid Unlucky Genetics!

It does raise certain questions, doesn't it? Probably unsettling questions you DON'T want answered!

I had started making this for someone on the Haven, but it got away from me and ended up going against their preferences, and after looking for a few other recipients, I just decided it was easier to make it a blog exclusive. Probably for the best, as it ended up a bit meaner that I thought it was going to as I made it, and unless someone liked that sort of humiliation, it was probably too much.

It does makes for a bit of an interesting topic though, mainly, "what did you parents see in each other?" and "Were genetics favorable to you in your life?" I lucked on in general, since my dad had a long torso and short legs, and my my was mostly legs at barely 5 feet tall. I ended up fairly well proportioned considering how I could've come out. Health wise, it would've been better if I was more like by dad, but I ended up with my mother's intellect and my dad's wit and humor, so if 100 percent was the best you could do between my parents, I am probably at 85 percent. How well did you do when it came to the genetic lottery? Would you have lucked out more if you had been a female?

As a TG blog note, according to her website, and noted by Ian in the last comment section, Alexis Michelle passed away on March 23rd. Unfortunately, the way things work in the online TG realm, it is hard to keep track of people and/or even confirm that it indeed has happened. I figured I would repost here what I had said to Ian in the last post as it is pertinent to this blog as well.
I had not heard the news about Alexis Michelle. I wish there was something more concrete than an anonymous posting in the comments section of her blog, but with how private we all try to be here, I guess we'll have to make due with that. 
I have a close real life friend that would contact people from the Haven to let them know if something happened to me, and I think she also would know how to get on here to post about it as well. As long as we both don't die together, I think most people will find out about my demise in some official capacity.
 SO yeah. I should be able to have an official announcement if anything ever does happen to me, which hopefully won't ever happen while blogger and all this is still around.

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  1. i am sure genetics can give horrid legacies i do not think small endowment is the worst of them. i think that is more down to nurture in its broadest sense ie cultural that big is best. a small dick can fire baby bullets as go as a large one and guys, small breasts can suckle as good as the huge boobs we love. maybe that humans engage in recreational sex and fantasy add to expectations.
    as genetics have left me rather average in all thing i would sat this though ?