Friday, March 4, 2016

The Negotiation! ... aka The Caption I Cannot Post to Rachel's Haven!

Find out inside why this wouldn't be allowed at the very website I help to admin!

Well, it doesn't seem to be too naughty by the looks of it. A somewhat innocent girl that seems only to be violating dress codes perhaps. What could possibly be against the rules?

Well, for one thing, I made the character "nearly" 18. Even though there isn't a sexual situation involving her, it is implied that she is clearly on the hunt for a boyfriend, and some sort of physical encounter of the sexual kind. We do have some leeway on the Haven, but this one might be pushing it if I had given it to someone as a trade.

The other thing involves a probable coupling of relatives, and it one of the biggest issues when you do a familial body swap of any sort between generations. It isn't a physical issue, as the "mother" and "father" still appear to be the same on the outside. Mentally is a different story though, and the Haven comes down hard on anything like this, erring on the side of caution .. and honestly, I don't have a problem with it at all. Not only is it Rachel's sandbox where you have to play by her rules, there is a fine line to be danced around, and instead of having to deal with each issue individually, just make a blanket statement that none of it is allowed. I am betting that is how a company like Disney would've handled a PG-13 version of Freaky Friday: The TG version. Maybe the Mother was away for the week visiting a sick relative.

My implication for the caption is that somehow the mother desired for some sort of "I wish you two would understand each other better, or walk a mile in each other's shoes" while blowing out the candles on a birthday cake while dad and daughter were arguing about texting or what have you. With that wish came the compulsions to act as they would if everything was normal, and that means their normal daily routines.

The only way around this that could possibly work for the haven would be to make the girl 18 years old AND change things around to say, "As serious as the wish 'your wife' made that put us .." In that case, Dad and Daughter are related, but neither are blood with the mom. If the original premise of the caption offends you, please interpret it this way. Technically I could see this being the case if my daughter and I had switched places under the same circumstances while she was living with me and my GF, who isn't her mother. My offspring and I both seem to be excellent negotiators and we'd have to bargain this whole thing out.

Anyway, due to the above, this is obviously a blog exclusive. Feel free to talk about the caption itself and how comfortable you are with the subject matter, good or bad. I wonder if most people that enjoy body swaps even thought about some of the implications before seeing this caption and discussion posted here.

Make sure you come back on Sunday for something REALLY big! It's been a long time in the making, and I can't wait to show it to you ... Let's party on Sunday night!


  1. Hi Dee,

    I don't really care for Bodyswap captions - unless they are original and well done -but that's just my opinion. Maybe I just like the transformation experience. What do I know? I still hope a pixie or witch will help me out on the gender front. Is there some new pill out there that I don't know about?

    I liked this one. I thought it was clever. The retention of personality traits is a nice change (no pun intended).

    As a side note, I would love to discuss with you how you format your captions. Your captions always have such a clear and easy to read font that I have yet to successfully achieve.

    I may not be the most helpful or critical of commenters, but, as I said, I did like this caption.

    Nice job as always.


    1. I will have to go back and take a look at some of my previous captions, which might be able to give you general help. Can't imagine you'd want to look at every post from the last 6 years just for a bit of inspiration.

      Do you have Yahoo Messenger? I am on there from time to time. I can also make it a point to make some new blog posts talking about the technical parts of making captions again. I've veered away from that recently because people didn't seem quite as interested as they have in the past.

    2. Hi Dee,

      I for one would love to see more of the technical process, maybe even if it were a separate page or something. I'm just trying to improve my captions and I think yours are great. I've seen enough of your captions to know that they are well constructed.

      I was going to get Yahoo Messenger for my desktop computer, but the phone number requirement kind of freaked me out -do you think it's secure? I get too many telemarketer phone calls already. I'm a little paranoid BTW...oh, crap, what was that noise?

      I'm always open for talking about process, and if you think yahoo messenger is good I will sign up. Thanks for the response.

  2. And when I said, I don't really care for bodyswap captions, I hope you got that I was trying to say this was an exception to my views. I thought it was good. I don't want you to feel like I was being negative.

    I should probably stop typi....

    1. Don't worry about that sweetie. I don't mind constructive criticism and I've got that "meh" button for a reason! Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of body swaps either, but they certainly have their place in the TG universe.

  3. And now to reply to your second message on my foot in my mouth comment. While I said I'm not a big fan of bodyswap captions, this one would certainly not be a "meh." I really do appreciate them and only commented because I liked this one. It was original, and that's why I liked it. I would be happy if I were as creatively diverse.

    **Also, nice pairing with the Billy Idol. (I deleted my last comment just to note that). That has inspired me to write a caption based on "To Be A Lover" -let's see how that turns out.


  4. Nice Cap Dee! I like how both of them have fallen into their new rolls…. The daughter-to-father enjoying relations with her-his wife and scolding her-his father-daughter while the father-to-daughter is trying to get sex and bargaining with his-her daughter-father. It had that Dee fun swipe.

    On the subject matter of familial relations. That’s a big NO for me. It’s not as much about morality as it is about ickyness (technical term). Whenever anyone mentions something like this in a caption I can’t help but imagine one of my brothers with my mother. No No No No No No No. I’m fairly sure that is an act that would break the familial bond. So even caps where it can be explained away in a slight leap of logical faith (step-mother, step-siblings…) I still can’t get behind them.

    As for body swaps…. I don’t have a strong feeling either way on that. Without the cap already being made and a story in place, I will tend to prefer cross-dressing or transformation as opposed to a body swap. That being said I DO enjoy a good body swap cap. I think it’s a great way for a ‘walk a mile in my high heeled shoes’ type story.

    Now with both of those thoughts in mind, I am still not completely comfortable with the incestual relations hinted at in some familial caps but a body swap makes it almost ok. It helps me dive deeper into the whole ‘Where does the soul reside and how do you define WHO you are’ type discussion. I mean… if you swapped bodies, IS this incest?

    Anyway… Nice Cap!

    1. This is a topic I had wanted to tackle for awhile now, but honestly, I don't do many body swaps for a reason. It isn't a huge thing for me personally. With this picture, the story you see in the caption is what I drew from the photo. I could have taken the steps I mentioned to turn it into a trade caption for someone, but leaving it as it was gave me the impetus to write out what I had been wanting to discuss for some time.

      I think that one of the "Dee" things about this caption is that I DID go "there" and even resolved the whole issue to each characters satisfaction. I am not sure there are many others that go off in that direction.

  5. Just to add to the tangled web. if its the mother who made the swap then she must know she is making love with her daughter in her husbands body?
    I do think that in our theme of captions then most of them are a little nasty in there way.
    ie the forced fem. i am not sure i have ever been offended by a caption but i have had where i have thought "Thats a bit close to the knuckle."
    Yes this is our brand of fantasy and fetish, but we should take a step back and look a what we write.

    1. I wouldn't think the mom would know unless she knew she had special powers.

      How many times have people just made an errant wish? I know of at least five women that have said, "I wish I didn't have to deal with having periods!" which in a transformational universe, could be interpreted by a genie to make the wisher either (1) perpetually pregnant" or (2) "turn her into a guy" or even, (3) "turn her into an old lady who is now in menopause.

      And yes, the stuff we write can be pretty nasty, but it gets to reside in a fantasy realm. There are so many "romance" novels out there for women that are mainly thinly veiled rape fantasies, but women would never want that to happen to them in real life .. same goes for many of the things we see here.

  6. very good story! i like swap stories between family members. I like how the new girl is affected by her new hormones and how the new dad try to abuse of his newfound power.

    1. Thanks! They can be hard to do because as mentioned above, there can be some weird sexual dynamics after the switch occurs. The conflict after the changes take place are what was appealing to me as I was writing it, where their views changed what they would originally have thought.