Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Fool Proof Plan! Sometimes Traps a Bigger Fool!

Well, no matter what "they" say, it certainly worked, right?

As Douglas Adams said, "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." That seems to happen often when the Medallion of Zulo is involved. It is odd recently that, although I am not a big fan of body swaps and universes like the MoZ, I've made quite a few in the last week or two. Perhaps that large round number "1000 blog posts" has made me take some challenges I hadn't in awhile. I mean, I am not that found of either, so when I do, it can be like pulling teeth. "How can I do this without being hackneyed or show my apathy for the method of transformation?" Well, in this case, I pretty much wrote down my inner monologue as if I was in the situation that Karen Sue is in.

And that is probably an overlooked way of writing captions. Just write what you know, and hope that your feelings are universal enough that others would feel the same way. The photo helps in that while you see her from behind, there is no face that a reader could, or might not, identify with. Just let the words you wrote wrap around the viewers imagination, and they can fill in the blanks. Does "Karen" have big tits, or killer blue eyes? Doesn't matter to the caption itself, so don't worry about it.



The next post should include some discussion on the caption I used to lead off the "1,000 blog post" entry. I did want to talk about it a bit, and after 20 panels of captions plus my write up, I figured it would get lost in the shuffle.

Some time after that, I'll get a bit into the construction side of caption making again, the composing and format of where to put the text and which fonts to use, the photo, merging them into a coherent design, etc .. Brooke T. requested it and over the last year or so I've concentrated more of the generation of ideas and plots, with the hope that I could help people who suffer from writers block.

We are probably one week away from the next DIY Challenge. I might have a picture that I've been itching to use here, but I hadn't thought about a theme or anything to merge with it yet. So, it'll be some variation of something I've thought of, or perhaps just a fleeting thought I decided to run with!


  1. I like the MofZ for acouple of reasons. The vast majority of traders on the haven want a complete change and they don't want it via surgery. The medallion is the easiest to use. The fun comes in why it's being used and in most cases how the protagonist ends up stuck.
    I'd love to do a lot more sissy and crossdress cations but their are only do many traders who like those kinds of caps and most want a gg picture too. I understand the reason because seeing a male crossdressed destroys that for them. I do for instance when capping Lacy use gg photos but try to avoid showing breasts to keep the crossdressing real yet sexy. It's a fine line sometimes. Bodysuits and nanites are the other tropes besides the medallion that allow full chsnges without any pain or time-consuming hormonal changes.
    It all depends on the recipents preferences. What method I use. I make so many for the Haven I don't really have time to just make a cap for myself to satisfy the urge for a more normal type of change.My goal is making the reader happy not me. Sometimes I have to bend a story from the way I'd really like to write it to do that and I don't mind.

    1. I so hear you on the crossdresser / sissy captions and people's aversions to them. The irony is that I've loosened my prefs quite a bit in regards to both those, and I just don't think too many people on the Haven are making them anyway.

      I usually end up just making them for Leeanne or Kaaren and post them here as a blog exclusive. Many of my my blog exclusives end up being captions that "got away from me" and veered away from the trader's preferences. I think that has happened on a couple I've made for Lacy that I wasn't able to get back to the corral.

      The hardest ones for me to make are pregnancy ones, as I try not to view actual babies as a "punishment" and there are only so many scenarios I can try to represent. Worst of all, they seem to be the most avoided when I end up posting them here afterwards.