Monday, March 14, 2016

Hellbent for Leather? Ember's Livin' After Midnight!

In the night, please set me free. I can't resist a touch of evil!

Made this specifically for Terri's alter ego, Ember, who is a goth chick that tends to be dominant. I wonder why I can relate so well to her, eh? Anyway, as I wrote in the post to her trading folder:
A friend of mine and I were having a discussion the other day about how clueless everyone was about Rob Halford's sexual preferences, when all you had to do was read the lyrics .. or just look at the way he was dressed. 
Anyway, when I saw this photo, I thought about that discussion and your character Ember, so I decided to have a bit of fun. However, I easily could've fit like 10-15 song titles in the caption, but only kept one. I mean, every caption like this could use a bit of "restraints" right? 
So crank up the Judas Priest, enjoy the caption, but don't you go out "Breakin' the Law! Breakin' the Law!"
It is a standard story of good boy to bad girl, and honestly, we should see more of those, don't you think? Just unleash the beast and let him lose control and be naughty. It is so much more fun to be wicked and playful and not worry about what others think or say about you.

Inside the caption, it was left unwritten, but I'm guessing that Chad probably used to take advantage of Martin's niceness on more than one occasion, so don't feel too bad for him. I have no idea how the change in gender and demeanor took place. Looking back 24 hours later, I'd like to think they both dropped a coin into a wishing well or fountain and they both got their wishes, however twisted. Martin could've wished to be more assertive, and Chad could've wished for a sexy woman to take control of his life for him. That way it wraps up everything nicely in a little latex bow.

After a few weeks of misery, I broke down and went to the doctor, and ended up with sinusitis .. AGAIN! So more antibiotics for me. Other than that, we are cranking along nicely!

Next thing you'll tell me is that Freddie Mercury was into guys as well! harrumph!


  1. Love the caption! I don't think it matters how the transformation took place, it's not the main focus of the story -rather just the change in person/persona. I think the great thing is not how it happened, but that it just did -now deal with it. You matched the story and picture very well. I also appreciated the pop culture references. As someone who has been walked all over in the past, this turn of events would be lovely if it were to happen.

    (As a side note, Freddie Mercury was totally straight! Or at least that's what I tried to convince all my classmates of in the fifth grade. "Find one gay lyric," I challenged them. "He's got a mustache!" Needless to say they didn't appreciate Queen the same way I did.

    1. I had a feeling this would be a good caption for those whom seem meek in real life. Glad to see it made a connection with you!

  2. I don't know you give someone a pair of leather boots and the next thing they want to walk all over you.
    I have not heard the expression Is that a mouse in your pocket. Is it the same as a hamster in your back passa%&*