Monday, February 15, 2016

With a Swish to the Left! ... And a Moan to the Right?

How long can he possibly last? And does it really matter? Who could resist?

Made this one right after the last one as there were so many different pictures of women with black dresses with pink dots available through Google. This photo was much more up to my preferences, so I figured, why not make this caption a blog exclusive? That way I wouldn't have compromise the story I wanted to make by diverting it because of specific preferences. For a moment or two, I had thought about giving it to Lacysliplover but I am pretty sure the story as constituted would be quite far past her comfort zone, Wannabestuck also flashed through my mind as well, but she doesn't like crossdressing captions so at that specific point I said, "Blog Exclusive" ..  So if you don't like the caption, there is no one to blame but ME!

It's another caption where I probably could've written more if I had another picture. Then again, I might have become bored with it. Hard to tell with me. One of the things I like about having it only be one panel though is that with all the questions he could ask, the first one (and only one we see) is about why he chose not to wear underwear. I'm betting that for most people reading this blog, that question would be, I don't know, somewhere around 200 on the list. That means that the entire time Dee has been evil monologuing , all sissy has been thinking about is how tingly and weird it feel for his private parts to be surrounded in silk and satin things. It gives such a single-mindedness to the pleasure he is already experiencing .. and after that answer, probably the determination to fight the feelings it is giving him even as he succumbs to it.

What a devious trap that has been set here! It really isn't even fair, but it was never about that, I bet.  Kind of makes me wonder how Dee's other friends ended up in alternative lifestyles .. but that is a story for another day! Right, my dear readers?


  1. If the stories of the friends alternative lifestyles are even half as delicious as this story is I eagerly await reading about them. Excellent caption, Dee!

  2. I'd love to look half (even a quarter) that good dolled up!

  3. Surely the video link for this one should have been the Kinks' 'Come Dancing'.

  4. I missed this first time around, can't imagine why, but I am glad it was featured. Love this caption, it is lovely and squirmy and... well, combines much that I rather enjoy.

    Also, Blur. Soft spot for that song. Nearly came out to it - would have done if I'd've known then what I know now and thus what to come out as!