Friday, February 19, 2016

Like, Teenage Girls Can Be, Like, SO Annoying?

Becoming a teenage girl could be fun. Being a parent of a guy turning into a teenage girl .. terrifying!

Wrote this one with Kate Southerland in mind. Fairly straight ahead caption, but it does fall in line with some of captions I've made in the last few years, specifically:
I have been on a bit of a kick with the government agencies neutralizing men (and usually what they call dangerous men) and getting them to become the ultimate supporter of consumerism and capitalism .. by turning them into teenage girls. 
This is yet another variation on that theme.
It does make sense on many levels.The best way to assimilate someone into the US culture is to immerse them full blast, and what person "consumes" more .. information, pop culture, internet, TV, music, fashion, social interaction and mores, plus the pressurized need to conform to society more than teenage girls? Things are either "that's hot!" or "eww!" or "that is SO last Tuesday!" After a few weeks, they'll be caught up in it all and the new information (along with other stimuli) will overwrite the old behaviors and thoughts in no time flat.

Anyway, that last word for this caption would be about the way I wrote and formatted the dialog.
I tried to make a teenage girl inflection more noticeable by using italics at the point where the voice sort of rises and turns into a question, even if one isn't being asked. Hope that works for everyone.
It is so hard to write voice inflection. This is my way of attacking it. Does it work for this context? Any other ideas on how to capture it in written format?

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