Wednesday, February 3, 2016

In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night ... and DIY Results!

Let those who worship evil's might - Beware my power--Green Lantern's light!

Or something like that. I was somewhat challenged to remember the actual motto of the Lantern Corp, so I went and wiki'ed it. If it's wrong, blame them, not me!

I saw this picture, and at the time it was pretty YELLOW, which gave me the seed of the story you are reading here. However, when I color-corrected it, it became a bit more orange-y but the last thing I really wanted to do was hunt down another older woman in a yellow sweater posed like this, etc .. so let's just take this that the color is within the defined spectrum of yellow, ok?

Anyway, this was just a fun little caption poking fun at superheroes and their Achilles heels. Most lame superheroes and villians have stupid gimmicks and weaknesses, but even those who have achieved pop culture notoriety are not immune to bad writing. In Golder Age comics, Flash had an adversary called Turtle Man, who was so slow that the Flash had trouble capturing him. Yes, I am not kidding about this. In the Silver Age, there were SO many different color versions of Kryptonite, you could make up a rainbow setting of rocks, and they all did different things.

So it was with Golden Age Green Lantern, whose ring wouldn't work against wood. Good thing he never had to battle Abe Lincoln, who was an expert log-splitter and lived in a log cabin when he was young. By the Silver Age, the writers must've figured out how lame that was, so they made the new Green Lantern powerless against .. yellow. Yup, a color. Not even a tangible thing!

Hence, this caption. In the past, it's been a big thing to team up former and current superheroes of different generations, that although they don't agree with each others methods, do end up forming an alliance against evil-doers and save the day .. often with the older one sacrificing himself for the good of the world. Well, why not do the same thing here, though this time I'm not sure there is any nefarious plot afoot, other than Golden Age Green Lantern wants to settle down in his Golden Years with a older hottie for a wife, especially one that understands the stress that being a GL can bring.

No deep issues here to think about, just stupid and campy pop culture fun for the whole family!


Here are the results of the DIY Challenge. We ended up with three entries.

First up is Ian with some spice.

Then Brittany gave us a flavor profile too!

And lastly, Helena let us simmer until we were boiling hot!

As usual, all were well done. We are already into February, so the next DIY Challenge is coming soon! Haven't a clue yet as to what the challenge is, but I should have something up in the next week.

With yellow, orange and red in the captions, we've really neglected the other side of the spectrum!


  1. i had intended to do your DIY, but it slipped past me.

    This is rather silly, makes me think of the possible TG stories that could happen (and sometimes do) in main-line comics.

    1. I think the worst time for comics was probably in the early to mid 60's, after all the backlash about Mad Magazine and the horror comics of EC, like Tales From the Crypt. They didn't care particularly about continuity and then did the whole Earth 1 and Earth 2 stuff.

  2. THE Green Manalishi played by Pete green works on many levels. This is the first time i heard it complete, the version I've got cuts in the bass thump. a shame i do like i good window rattler.

    1. I have known it from the Judas Priest cover version for like 25 years, but never really heard the original until fairly recently .. and this is a great version. As most people know Fleetwood Mac from the Nicks / Buckingham version, this came as a big shocker.