Saturday, January 2, 2016

Two Words Every Goth Girl Wants to Hear

I think is as true now as it was when I first posted it. Sometimes people just want to be accepted.

Made this for Lyndee Mason back in 2010 at the Haven, and it received 11 replies. Think about that for a moment, won't you? Actually it just hit 12 WHILE I was reading it, with Kelly (SP2000) saying it was a good caption! FREAKING ME OUT! LOL

Anyway, as I was saying, it had 11 comments, and I can't see too many captions on the Haven achieving that now. Why? Well, mostly because we are trying to build up a community there again (And her in the blogosphere here too!) where people can exchange ideas and riff on what others say AND JUST HAVE FUN! Here are some of the comments from beginning to end .. with the proviso being that someone had said they didn't see a transformation in the caption itself.

My reply to the questions was:
I was trying to be subtle. This *IS* a website that is based on gender changes, so I took that as a given that most people would know that it's a guy in a girl's body. i also implied the change by putting quotes around Lyndee's name the first time, to show that it's her female name. 
 The "how" of the transformation (potion, body suit, poisoned pop tart?) isn't important in the caption. I like designing captions that can make you "read between the lines" and bring a different viewpoint.
Courtney (the original one that was an admin on the Haven, not the Captisa one!) said:
Well the how was quite obvious. Using an organic genetic molecular level recombinant nano system that was hidden in a dermal transfer patch on the collar of a bunny that had been conditioned by a repetitive visual stimuli reward regimen to seek out Lyndee in male form and coerce him into petting it.  Thus the dermal transfer of the synthetic molecular machines allowed for then to do their work in reorganizing the chromosomal strings that made up Lyndee's molecular DNA structure... rendering him female.
DUH! Eeep!
Caitlyn (of the Masked format!) followed up to Courtney's tech garble with:
 Yea..... thats what I got too.
 Petra was next to dish out some admonishment:
I tried following Dee once, but I got bored waiting around outside the Navy recruitment office. I have no idea what she was doing in there for 4 hours, and why all the guys looked so happy when they came out. ;D
To which of course I had to rebut with the following:
Well, you know Pea ... They were REALLY focused on becoming an naval officer ... so much so, they kept focusing on MY navel ... made it really easy to get them hypnotized with my ankh belly piercing ... and from there ... let me just say that they'll all have a fondness for seamen of all kinds ... I would say more, but the recruiting officer said "don't tell" and I won't. 
Now I just need to head to the construction worker recruitment center and that Indian reservation ... and the recruiter will have met his quota. Something about "It takes a village of people to ... blah blah blah" I wasn't really paying that much attention.
Now that is what a community is all about. We probably still have that here more than at most blogs floating around, but for a resolution of sorts for me this year is to try to bring the TG captioning community closer together again, both here and on the the Haven. We are off to a good start there, as we've already gotten a few new trading captioners there that seem to want to have a personal touch to what they are creating, and aren't afraid to chat up fellow captioners.

So if you have a TG Caption blog, let's talk, trade some captions and talk about influences and what got you into making them. If you are a reader, give a hearty THANKS to those creators on your daily or weekly "must read" list and tell them what you like about their work and why! At worst, you've made their day and who knows, you could end up starring in one sometime in the future. We already hear enough silence when we just stare at the computer (or mobile device) screen. Make your voice be heard throughout this community and help it grow and thrive!

I know you all are out there! BRING THE NOISE!


  1. it is a good caption. subtle but direct.

  2. I like it. I think it is a good picture that goes well with the sentiment.

  3. Apparently I freaked you out so much it was worth sharing? Hahaha!

    Great cap again, Dee.