Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Time to Make Your Move, or Are You a Shy Boy?

Did your life just flash before you in a blink of an eye?

This caption was made a day or two after "Get Comfortable After Work, Babe!" and the design is very similar, in a POV sense. Once again, you aren't looking at yourself, but you aren't looking at the person talking to you either. That is the Omnipresent Narrator .. or perhaps it is your brain talking to you, and trying to motivate you into action. I am not sure entirely which one it is, and they both work fairly well in what I was trying to present. Hell, you could make a case that this is a meta-caption, where *I* am talking to the real you in your own reality, sort of like a perverted Jiminy Cricket. Let's go with that one, since it sounds like the most fun for me to have!

And what does Dee say in this caption? Pretty much the commitment phobic spiel that many guys feel when they meet a woman and think that things are going way too fast. Going out with her and a a few couples she knows? "Highway to Canasta Nights every Saturday, IF you two can get a sitter!"

Well, yes, a bit cliche and timeworn, which is why I went and updated it in the way everyone here would want it to be done. Let my narration do the heavy lifting, and get you where you need to be .. in heels swishing around all submissive for your domme wife. You KNOW that is where you belong, even if you didn't know it at the time! SHE knew all along though .. why do you think she is smiling at you like a Cheshire cat?

Sometimes you just need to hear some unvarnished truth, like you will have long varnished fingernails when you finally meet Ms. Right and settle down. You aren't coming out of the closet so much as you are clearing out some space for many sexy party dresses .. each with heels to match. ONE pair of male underwear (if you are lucky!) for when you hit the gym for some Zumba.

Don't worry your pretty little head, sweetie. She'll take good care of you and all your needs, as long as you take care of all her needs, and let her lead like a real woman should!

I was looking at cover versions of songs, and I thought that Billy Corgan did a great job in honoring the original song yet giving it the feel of actual Smashing Pumpkins tune. I wish the drummer didn't overplay so much, still a fitting tribute.


  1. Very close to the story of my life!!!!
    Another wonderful cap Dee.....

    1. Pretty close? You must have a pretty exhilarating life then! You should write it all down sometime!

      I had a hard enough time finding a relatively sane girl to be with, never mind one with all the extra stuff that people in this scene seems to want. That or I was born about 10 years too early.

  2. It's all about a sissy's perspective Dee. Kaaren and I understand.

    Kiss you,