Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Get Comfortable After Work, Babe!

Your significant other has a wonderful idea to get you to relax. Why not give it a shot?

Wasn't planning on making another caption for Lacy so soon, but she had made me a really cool 4 panel sissy caption set that she left in my trading folder. Had her on my mind, and when I saw this picture and started writing, she ended up being the star!

Knowing that I would be placing the words over the source photo, I wanted it to subconsciously caress her wife, as a sort of foreplay that she is implying to him .. a not so subtle nod to seduction, but only the way she wants to play it for the night. The choice is his, to stay drab, tense and unfulfilled, or take a giant step outside his usual identity and let himself go into femininity. How many of us reading this could turn her down?

Especially the last two sentences. It's a dangerous trap! All the wonderful tactual sensations of lusty amour, without the danger of a naughty penis getting in the way! She'll make you squeal with delight, but not in the customary man/woman coupling. Perhaps teasing and denial? Lots of nipple play, or tongues flittering about silky soft skin? Just make sure you don't like it TOO much!

And what then? Perhaps she buys you your own lingerie so you don't make hers too dirty. Besides, you are worth it, right? Perhaps some panties for you to wear under your business suit so it seem a bit more tolerable, and remind you of what is in store when you get home? Nothing too distracting though. The last thing you'd want to do is accidentally show a spaghetti strap outline to a coworker or a lowly secretary, right?

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How would you feel about receiving a caption like this, where YOU aren't personally pictured, but are being talked to by another person? I initially was going to take Lacy out of it since she isn't shown in her pretty attire, but I did think it fit in with her preferences, and that the story would be good enough to make up for the lack of her physical presence in the finished caption.

I hate to say this, but I'm not as big of a Bowie fan as most people I know. When I was growing up, he was in that period where his musical output sort of, ummm, sucked. That whole mid 80's through mid 90s slump. I knew the hits from the 70's through my parents, and got into the above song, but honestly, it is more of a Nine Inch Nails song he's singing over.

Where his influence will be missed, and what I can acknowledge as his greatness, is how he was a mirror to pop culture throughout his adult life, showing its reflection slightly ahead of time to the public that gazed upon it, guiding us through many ch-ch-ch-changes in our society.  I wonder that by the middle of the 2000's he figured he could never keep up with the fluctuating, ever vanishing insta-pop sensibilities of the Internet generation and just decided at that point to be "Classic Bowie" .. which truth be told, was good enough for me.

I'm so glad that we flew a satellite by Pluto before Bowie passed on. as Major Tom said, "The stars look very different today". Well, down here on Earth, culture looks very different today, and that is a direct result of Bowie's brief existence giving us a supernova of creativity.


  1. Dee, the thought of coming home and unwinding in sexy, lacy lingerie really appeals to me not only in the fantasy world, but in real life. After a stressful week at work, there is nothing like the feeling of putting on some sexy lingerie and relaxing. If only I could do this with my wife.


    1. So glad you liked it! I posted it to your folder tonight, and included most of what I wrote here, figuring perhaps between here and there, I'd get more comments to the discussion question.

  2. Like most things its personal preference. i like to see the results of the change.
    which i guess is a little odd because cations well have an instigator who is just as important to the story and fantasy. TG cations are a broad (pun intended) church but for the most part i do not see that many mistress/master only caps except in chastity blogs.
    i expect we could chat about the philology of cappers and their readers for many an hour.
    With this caption i think one could take the photo as the guy after he has taken the offer up (i did till i read you blog) so we are all happy this time.

    1. I never thought about that, so I'm glad you still derived some pleasure from reading the caption.