Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You Can't Spell Heroic without HER!

About the only good thing that could ever come out of a situation like this one.

I had the idea and the picture for quite some time (it's Megan Fox by the way!) and was awaiting a time where it had been awhile between school and other shootings. Every few weeks another one would happen, and I'd delay it some more. Finally there seemed to be a lull, at least in the national coverage, so I wrote the caption up for Kelly (SP2000) and with fingers crossed, I hoped it wouldn't coincide with another national news story.

Why? Because, regardless of how I want to look at it, I did a light take on something that is problematic to our society here in America. This is how I'd like the stories to turn out; well, perhaps with the gun man having a ray gun backfire on him and turning into a bimbo instead of the true hero, but there was a bit of subversion on my part.

I am not sure if people followed, and I was VERY subtle about it because I think that Kelly prefers to be a lesbian .. but I had her fucking the guy to death .. which I guess is quite ironic for a guy that was looking to get laid. The ray made her so horny, and angry, that she raped him and left him for dead. The line, "He just kept blasting until the girls, bless them, were able to hold him down for me!" was where the attacker got his comeuppance, and cum-up-ance too! I'm hoping that Kelly snapped his dick like a carrot and fed it to him, both anally and orally!

So, yes, this wasn't quite as innocent as it might first appeared to be. With the honey sweetness I possess, is a certain bit of venom. Hopefully it was sugar coated enough to make it go down smooth though to you, the readers. I mean, I wrote one of my favorite bimbo lines in this one, "Those girls are like students to me!" Well yeah, you are their teacher, though I think they've got some stuff to teach you now, and you'll probably catch on REALLY quick!

I also had an appearance from Dawn (Commentator) who I gave the last name of Donnington, in honor of a rock festival I read about every year that happens in Britain .. and the head of the school, Dean Dean .. perhaps a dancing machine, but who wouldn't want to use a character with a name like that? Maybe his first name is Gene?

Hope everyone is having a good week. And to all the veteran's out there, Glad you are keeping on, keeping on. I'll be buying coffee for some of them tomorrow (Wednesday is Veteran's Day in the US) and hope you'll do something to celebrate them too!

I've picked this song before, and I'll do it again. Hair bands and Catholic school girls? Hell yeah!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Why do we love school girl outfits, and the women wearing them, so much and a step further, turning guys into schoolgirls wearing said costumes? Is it the innocence, or thought that there is purity there, waiting to be corrupted? Something else? Explain below why we enjoy this fantasy so much?


  1. I think it might be more the fact that it is the uniform. It makes the wearer like an interchangeable part in the machine, similar to usual "man in uniform" mentality. There is something beautiful in the uniformity.

  2. Fun cap Dee! I'm glad you included the 'behind the scenes' of the story as that's what I got out of it! I'm glad it's not just my pervy mean brain that had that idea!

    As for loving school girl outfits, I think it's a combination of two things. One, it's just as you guessed... innocence and the thought of corrupting that. Changing boys (and especially men!) into girls in their school uniforms make them go through those two stages. A shock to the system of being an innocent girl in an attractive uniform, and then being corrupted by a boy (or man) like they used to be. Mmm... Two; it's memory of coming into our own sexuality. Who did we first lust after? Probably a girl in her school uniform. Sure, there were probably playboy's and penthouse magazines (or internet sights... damn kids!), but the first real live person that we imagined ourself with was more than likely a girl in her school uniform!

  3. I'm leaping straight to the question.

    For me, there is a fascination with uniforms that stems from when I was in school - it simply comes from the fact that I didn't KNOW any girls outside of a school setting from about the age of 8 to about the age of 14 and, so, my only knowledge of girls that I found attractive was from school. I find it hard to find anyone attractive until I know them a little, it's hard to find people attractive with zero context, and so my own thoughts on what was attractive and desirable were coloured by the fact that any girls who were known to me well enough to provide models of what I'd like to look like or be were in uniform.

    These days, in my full-time life, I find the uniforms less of a thing. So, forever in my head, I have my old school uniform as a 'thing' - which is radically different from most modern uniforms (being trousers, blouse and jumper for girls rather than skirt or blazers). So...

    Basically, what Calvin said!

    1. You'd do this for your students too, right? Especially if you turned out like this?