Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Best Students Come from the Best Parents! .. and DIY Challenge!

There are so many requirements now for children to get into a good school!

Had this caption setting lying around for quite some time, and even thought about using it as a DIY Challenge, but went with some other photos instead. I wanted to make a caption tonight, so I pulled it into Photoshop and wrote whatever came out.

With the tablet being held, I figured that the transformation could be triggered by a thumb print reader, which is used mainly to prove an identity, or in lieu of a signature. Well, if it can do THAT, why couldn't it also change an identity too? Once I had that tidbit to think about, the rest of the caption fell easily into place.

Instead of trying to pigeon hole it to someone else, I figured I could certainly star in it. I mean, I'd do just about anything for my daughter. That way I could also turn up the evil a bit as the story went along. At first, it starts slow but brings itself up to a boil by the ending .. where it was shown that the ex-wife definitely has something to do with this whole thing.

Originally I didn't have an ex-wife, but a current wife and made it sound like this was a requirement for my daughter to get in .. so at the end, I had the wife and daughter helping me shop for things as the caption concluded, kind of like a last family get together until they saw me again at the Homecoming Weekend.

However, I think it zings more the way it is now .. and since the ex-wife became the villain, I saw no need to include the daughter in the shopping, as that might show she was complicit in it all, and I didn't want to go that far. Maybe to embarrass Damien down the road, the mom could expose what happened to the daughter, but that isn't in the caption now as it is read.

Also, in its current form, it seems more like a trap that Damien might be stuck like Dee Dee for a long time, if not forever. The previous version seemed to say that after 8-9 months, he'll be back to being an adult man. Now it seems that after 8-9 months, he'll be reborn a girl forever, growing up from the teenage years into an adult female. Worst case would be that at least he still gets contact with his daughter while she grows up, and would still be a step-sister to her.


Ok, on to the DIY Challenge. There will NOT be a required picture this month .. which IS part of the challenge. You can write any sort of TG caption you like this month, but it must include the phrase, "Thank you sir, may I have another?" in honor of Thanksgiving this month. Yes, it is from Animal House, and was related to paddling, but you do NOT need to use it in that context at all. The deadline will be Sunday, November 29 at midnight PST. PM me for details on where to email if it you don't want to submit it to my Haven trading folder until the title "DIY: Caption name".


DISCUSSION QUESTION: I probably should have saved the original version before I went and changed it to the current one. I tried to keep the Dee Dee dialog to a minimum for two reasons: one was a loss of power and the feeling of submissiveness, and I also didn't want to lose the straight up narrative as Janet explains what is going to happen. So if you were to add lines of dialog to my character, what would you have her say? Would it be more of a denial that things were changing, a different style of language and talk that proved he was now a teenage girl, a petulant defiance, or a complete capitulation at the way his life was turning out? Something else? Let me know!


  1. Well as you can guess i would put another page of dialogue at least, i think i would have a more male voice at start ie I Can not see why my daughter has to enroll here these, fees what can she learn here she can't learn in public.
    i e make him a ass hence a reason for change?
    i would go with teen speak as part of the change. and have him very reluctant and fighting. i think i would give Miss Jenkins a reason to be more of a bitch to him as well,
    Well thats a 1000 word epic i do get carried away don't i.
    i well have a think on the D I Y can you let me know where to send it.

  2. Fun cap, and hey, a bench ;)

    The DIY challenge will be a challenge for me this time, as I always have troubles writing in a certain phrase into my caps. I guess I better find me a suitable picture if I want to participate.

  3. That's an interesting challenge... I shall attempt to create an entry tonight!