Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween .. Child of Destiny! DIY Challenge Results!

.. and it looks like I'll post what I've received for the DIY October Challenge too!

Hope everyone was safer earlier tonight, and that if you are still lurking about in the dark, you'll have a protection spell upon you until your safe arrival at home.

I originally wasn't going to post tonight, as the Halloween caption I had left wasn't quite Halloween looking enough, but I had a few minutes to kill and this picture saved. so I figured I'd give it a shot. The suggestion of not losing on last piece of male hood was suggested by the way the model was shifting her skirt, like something was going on down there .. so to  me, perhaps the magic ran out? Nah, this is the way she was supposed to be, a female with a little something extra. A Horror story? On Halloween? I'm shocked I know. Well, a horrible story for some people. Others may disagree. At this point, I'm kind of attached to a penis, so I am not sure I'd like to see it vanish. Then again, I've never had the alternative, so for now, I'm sticking with what I know!

Well, we received 3 entries to the DIY Challenge, and if I get any more before the deadline, I'll add them in here tomorrow. We have the usual suspects, but I was still surprised because I only gave one week notice AND I asked for a drabble or less of words. Glad to see that you took me up on the offer. Next month will be back to 2+ weeks. Please click on them to enlarge (you know the drill!)

First up is Helena.

Then there is this one from Dawn (Commentator).

And this one from Brittany7.

All well done, and though I didn't quite count the words, I'll take their scouts honor that they are, or almost are, drabbles. I know the picture wasn't QUITE Halloween, but I'm sure you are probably already sick of captions where guys are turned into girls, right? I certainly HOPE NOT!


  1. wonderful little horror story you wrote here, but something tells me you can do a whole lot scarier than you did here.

    Dawn and Brittany did indeed do a lovely job on their DIY's, and I specially like the idea of a harem of maids. Who wouldn't want that.

    When I enlarged mine here I saw an unintended but nice effect. Because of the background I chose, my cap is fading into the background of your blog.

    1. Thanks Helena. I probably could have but I didn't want to spend more than 10 minutes on the caption, so I pretty much wrote it straight out and then proofed it and uploaded to the blog.

      I liked your background very much, and I as said up above, I was really pleased with everyone's submissions, especially with the short turnaround time AND the drabble limit on text. For one of the next DIY Challenges, I might try to find a set of 3-4 pictures that people can use to make multi-panels if they wish. Wonder what others would think about that .. IAN? LOL

  2. these are really gorgeous, I must really remember to visit you blog more often :)

    1. That goes without saying! LOL

      Glad you dropped by though. I do a challenge every month and you can post it to my Haven folder with a title of DIY so I will know its not a trading caption.