Monday, September 28, 2015

You Are Smitten By That Shy, Demure Girl ... Dee?

Come inside. I think you'll LOVE this caption! It was worth the wait!

There was no post last night, mostly because I was drained physically, emotionally and just about any other way you could think. Went to work this morning and there was more drama, as I got caught between lawyers for the business I work for and a co-worker that had filed a workman's comp suit a few years ago for being injured in another state, which of course has different litigation laws. Gah! Then my daughter had an issue that popped back up after 4 years of us thinking it was all taken care of, and once again it was of a legal nature. I am not a fan of lawyers right now unless they are of a sissy persuasion, and I only know one or two of them!

So anyway, when I finally got home and lent my ear and knowledge to my offspring, I really needed to relax and unwind. Did not feel in the mood to caption, but Erin had left me a caption series the other day and I felt compelled to finally read it. It definitely lifted my spirits almost immediately upon completing it. The first few panels had me a bit scared for poor bimbo Dee Dee, but luckily everything turned out right for her, the ex-wife and we all got a happy ending!

I cannot tell you how many times this blog or the Haven has lightened my mood and given me a chance to be distracted from any real life problems, even if for an hour or two. Blessed be to you all for indulging me, and Blessed be to Erin for getting me out of a bad day!

So anyway, with that in mind, I wanted to make something special for Erin, and when I checked out her preferences again, I noticed that she had changed them, and wanted more realistic methods of change, plus she didn't need a complete sex change, and that got me to thinking .. Mistress Dee needed to rear her head and take control.

I just started searching online and saw this picture, and my thoughts came to, "and it was easier to masturbate in thigh highs, so I wouldn't mess up my lingerie." With that thought in mind, I wondered how I could manipulate him into doing what I wanted. Just plant a seed and harvest the fruit slowly. Slow and steady wins the race. If you are doing X, it isn't that much more to do Y. Set the carrot JUST out of reach, but show that the reward is ever closer.

It is such subtle manipulation, that it doesn't seem too bad until you list things one by one. That slippery slope that no one sees coming. I am sure that those who read this blog that are in whatever fetish lifestyle have seen the forest after wandering by a bunch of trees. You don't start off as King or Queen of the Kinks. Experiences build off each other, and at some point you do find your limits, but only after you've gone past them a few times.

I really like this one, and it is in my opinion, probably the best caption I've made this month, especially if you are talking about those that might get you a bit squirmy. I didn't want to go overboard, as honestly, I don't know Erin's limits to her new preferences. Pushing past them does me, nor her, any good at this point. My only regret is that I didn't have more space. This is one of those captions that I definitely could have fleshed out more.

What I've written though, is definitely good enough to put a smile on my face .. and hopefully one on her face as well. Let me know what you think?

This song fit in so well if you read/understand the lyrics.

I am not your senorita, I am not from your tribe.
If you want inside her, Well, Boy you better make her raspberry swirl.
Things are getting desperate, When all the boys can't be men.
Everybody knows I'm her friend. Everybody knows I'm her man.
Things are getting desperate, When all the boys can't be men


  1. Great caption Dee! I love the 'small steps' stories and you nailed this one! Bravo!

  2. So perfectly told!!! Being led step by step into feminization by loving hands is a wonderful thing!!! It will be fun when she invites a boyfriend over to help her feel safe and see what develops!!!
    Wonderful cap Dee!!!!

  3. Thanks for the smiles Dee! I love the caption. I did enjoy the incremental steps and your forest/tree analogy fits perfectly. Who knows how much deeper I'll wander before I figure out I'm in the forest after all! :) Thank you