Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's Steffie's Birthday AGAIN! And She Was Around Yesterday!

I'm so glad she let me make her over so she'd be less conspicuous on the Haven!

Who doesn't love Steffie? Nobody doesn't not love Steffie as far as I'm concerned and go fuck yourself if you don't not love her! Really! Go get a huge dildo or vibrator and stick it straight up your ass and bounce up and down for a bit. I'll be here awaiting your return. Feel better now? Good!

I've only had limited contact with her over the past year and so when she started poking her head into my boudoir recently, I was psyched. She started posting again in her Bedtime Blog on the Haven too so go on in and say hi if you hang around there. Her trading folder is still in the inactive area, but we can only hope she uses her magical captioning skills at least on an occasional basis. The captioning world is such a cheerier, funnier, and sassier place when she puts her mark on something creative.

She made this back in 2008. Who else would've photoshopped a picture of Abe Vigoda to the front of a computer? No one else but Steffie!

And how gorgeous was this one as well? And guess what? She did that back in 2008 as well. When you talk about having skills to pay most of the bills, in both story and design, Steffie has it in spades.

And lastly, here is pretty much the end of a long term storyline she had created called "The Photographer" I believe that was very inventive. I think she ended up making captions in this series for 15-20 people in total. She had SOOOO much creativity, I wish we hadn't lost most of her work in that huge caption BURP back in 2013, which wiped out a good 90 percent of all captions posted from 2009-2011. If someone makes you captions, and you really like them, SAVE THEM! I should have known better! The Haven Servers were running on a 3 hamster-powered engine!

So, enjoy these captions from her, and if I get any other words from Steffie, I'll be sure to pass them along! Maybe someday she'll pop in and say hi!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If anybody out there has some captions made by Steffie (not SteffiMarie) please let me know. She had none of them saved, so much of her work is "lost" and we'd like to see if we can save them!  The same would go for late period Petra too! Also, where the hell has Jennifer been? C'mon people. Check in occasionally!

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