Friday, September 11, 2015

Even *I* Cannot Condone This Blatant Cheating!

The true story behind last night game's most recent scandal! Black and gold panties for everyone!

You know me by now, and I dig DEEP to get you the scoop on everything that is clandestine and naughty in this world! I cannot let this go any longer. *I* am the one that hijacked the headset control system last night in Foxboro for the opening game of the 2015 NFL football season. I felt it was time to come clean. I know that they said it ended up being a radio broadcast that was coming out over the headset, but I needed something to cover the subliminal messages that I was giving to the coaches and the QB himself!

The away team had nothing to do with their loss .. can't blame it on a wide open guy catching a ball with his foot out of bounds, linemen being drawn offsides on a goal line offense, or players forgetting that the best Tight End on the planet might need to be watched occasionally so he doesn't catch the ball and score touchdowns.. Not even calling a double pass that failed miserably! When the Patriots do it, it works dammit, so it must be cheating!

None of that mattered because they were all bewildered by my enchanting voice mesmerizing them like some sort of siren call. No matter what city they came from or how strong and macho they were, I made damn sure they all acted like a bunch of crying, whining sissies. Mission accomplished!

Yeah, I'm betting those of you who don't follow football are wondering what the hell this is all about. Sorry about that, and I'll have a "normal" TG caption for you on Saturday Night. Even if you don't follow it, I can bet you'll have a good idea what happened anyway from the caption and this write up.

I think it's about time the organization embraced the outlaw image that people want to give it. 
I know that being bad is a hell of a lot of fun!

Also, a interesting take on the whole "cheating" thing you can find HERE.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you like the "thought" balloons design I used for the radio broadcast hypnosis patter? I am wondering if I should use them occasionally, along with the dialog balloons, especially if I am using a picture that is in landscape mode. I am definitely looking for feedback on the design and if you like it, or is it too distracting?


  1. I don't mind the balloons if they don't overwhelm the picture but the font you chose for the thought balloons was very difficult to read

    1. Hmm, I was trying to make it flowery and feminine. I have just changed the font to something hopefully more readable. It shouldn't be TOO readable though since it IS supposed to be subliminal!

  2. Comparing the original font from the click-in picture to the new font, it looks like a big improvement. The format works well for the situation, great caption :-)

    1. Glad you liked the format. I had snagged a few images and were going to put them into a normal caption setting, but it felt really disconnected from the action. Like, "here is Ben" and over there are the subliminal messages over there in a column of to the side.

      I found this one with the Pats players in it, albeit from a number of years ago I think. I liked that there was plenty of negative space that I could use for text blocks, but it would still look clunky. That was where I figured that comic strip balloons might be the best thing.

      If I continue to use the from time to time, I am going to have to design some of my own I think, as these, no matter how I stretched them, seem a bit lob-sided to place text in them in a balanced manner.

  3. i think the balloons work well in this context.
    i guess its a good tatic if you can beat a team before they even set foot on the field but i'm all sure we enjoy the thrill of man on man action though come to think of it we would still get that with your cunning plan.
    great radio link on planet rock after playing Judas priest Turbo lover "that's i scary thought, imagining Rob Halford as a turbo lover

    1. Funny you mention Rob Halford and Turbo Lover. I will be discussing another one of their videos and refer to this one in the next blog post which should be up later tonight!