Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ah Nature! It's about as Natural as You Can Get!

I'd like nature more if it was inside. Not a fan of the outdoors that much!

Had another blast of a day, with a cookout that turned into a campfire party. SO MUCH food and drink, it was hard to keep up! The host had a smoker so there was beef brisket, pulled pork, BBQ ribs, etc .. tough for a medical veggiesaurus like me to take in. I did try a piece of the brisket and it was to die for, which hopefully I won't die later one for having a piece of animal flesh! Luckily there was still lots of pasta salads, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, baked ziti, and much sweets. Even got to take some home so I can have banana bread for breakfast before heading to my dad's side of the family for a cookout there. I am sure that won't be nearly as much fun as this one tonight, but you know how it is .. it is always more fun to party with other people's family, since yours is always lamer!

The campfire reminded me of why I liked being in the scouting program as a kid .. I love fires! When I can get a house someday, I think a world class fire pit will be the first thing I get for the yard. Maybe get some stronger sissies to chop wood for me and stack it. I usually came in first or second place in scouting competitions for fire building for speed and "holy shit that is a HUGE fire!" I hated things like arts and crafts, hiking, and clearing campsites. Give me campfires, a clear sky filled with stars, cool fresh air and a comfy sleeping bag, and roasting animal flesh and I'm in heaven!

So one that note, hope everyone had a great weekend, and if you are in the USA, another fun-filled day off to have fun with loved ones or relatives .. or both!


  1. It's nice to fool with Mother Nature!!!!

  2. Yes a fire does bring out the cave man in us i think, Even more than the male BBQ monopoly .