Sunday, August 30, 2015

Patient Zero -vs- Dr. Luthor!

Not quite the beauty he had desired to create!

Made this for Kara Elle, who likes strong female characters. Of course, she's a Supergirl fan, so I used it's number one criminal mastermind as her nemesis. No alien powers or anything like that (to be honest I am not a fan of Superman, and much prefer Batman, but you probably already knew that!) but I still wanted that feeling of invincibility .. and towards the end I leave with a bit of a revelation.

I really like the photo, and I think I got the scientific terminology sounding technologically feasible, I honestly just love the last line. That is where I sort of twist the knife a bit and reveal something we don't often want to admit, that one person's hero is another person's villain, depending on how you look at it. Who doesn't like a bit of ambiguity? Is she only extracting justice, or is she taking it a few steps too far? Makes you wonder if her change made her snap a bit mentally and scarred her.

Anyway, it seems that many of my family members and friends are trying to do their damnedest to squeeze every bit of fun out of what is left of the summer, and I am starting to need my workdays to recover from my nights and weekends! I had a blast tonight at Dave and Busters, which is pretty much a Chuck E. Cheese for adults. I kicked ass at trivia, which I usually do, then played a bunch of Batman and House of the Dead, while the GF played Skee Ball, Mario Kart, and Angry Birds Arcade. Food sucked (yes, I told you it was just like Chuck E. Cheese!) but that didn't matter in the grand scheme of things as there was much amusement to be had!

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  1. A fun caption i.m with super girl teach him a lesson he won't forget